• April 13, 2012
  • 3 minutes read

Al-Shater: ‘Protect the Revolution’ Million-man March Confirms Rejection of Former Regime Rebound

Al-Shater: ‘Protect the Revolution’ Million-man March Confirms Rejection of Former Regime Rebound

Cairo – Friday: Khairat Al-Shater, candidate for Egypt’s top post, said that today’s mass demonstration aims to defend the gains of the revolution and maximize its results in the face of attempts to thwart the march for democratic transformation.

Al-Shater added that today’s mass protest also shows that revolutionary parties, powers and groups have a strong desire to support the revolution until its objectives are achieved and the hopes and aspirations of the Egyptian people are fulfilled, on the ground.

In an interview with Al-Jazeera satellite TV channel, Al-Shater explained that turning up at Tahrir Square to demonstrate is a peaceful means for people to express their rejection of the current direction on the political scene today, where it seems certain hands are pushing former regime figures into the presidential election.

Further, Al-Shater affirmed that the Egyptian people have regained their positive ability to effectively express their revolt. He urged all parties for dialogue, coordination and cooperation in bringing about genuine democratic transformation that reflects the true spirit of the revolution.

Moreover, Al-Shater said: "In principle, we accept any candidate who wishes to contest the presidential race. But those who have, for long years, corrupted Egypt’s political life, looted its resources, plundered the wealth of its nation, and played with people’s destiny, should be held accountable and at least be deprived of their political rights".

Furthermore, Al-Shater said that the people are fearful, with the corrupt former regime’s head of intelligence amongst the candidates for the forthcoming presidential elections, that heinous acts of fraud will re-create the defunct regime.

Al-Shater pointed out that the people became deeply anxious and concerned for their revolution, after seeing Omar Suleiman heading out to submit his candidacy documents surrounded by an official guard of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, since this indicates there is official support for the Major General who was Mubarak’s right hand for decades.