• January 12, 2007
  • 3 minutes read

Al Shater And 29 MB Members Detained For 15 More Days

Al Shater And 29 MB Members Detained For  15 More Days

The Higher State Security Prosecution jailed 16 Muslim Brotherhood leaders, topped by Eng. Mohamed Khayrat Al Shater, the second deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, and 19 of Al-Azhar University students 15 days pending investigations that it is holding in Cairo .
Engineer Khayrat Al-Shater refused to reply to the questions of the state security prosecution- that started investigating with him at 11.00 AM and finished at 3.00 PM- challenging the legitimacy of investigating with him.
For his part, lawyer Gamal Taguddin described this decision as unjust, that it contradicts with the simplest legal rights of detainees, and it confirms the Egyptian regime’s plans for backtracking from its promises of holding political reforms.
It is worth noting that Eng. Khayrat Al Shater and 15 of the group leaders along with 140 of Al-Azhar University students were arrested on a students’ sportive performance in Al-Azhar University.
 Jail of 17 Azhar University MB Students Prolonged
The Higher State Security Prosecution ordered on Tuesday Jan. 9, 2007, renewing jailing 17 of the Muslim Brotherhood students in Al-Azhar University for 15 more days, pending trial over the current investigations on the issue of the university incidents that prompted the Egyptian authorities to launch a tough crackdown against the group members.
The security authorities arrested about 140 Muslim Brotherhood members, topped by Eng. Mohamed Khayrat Al Shater, the second deputy chairman of the group, last December 14, 2006; this took place after the MB students performed a theatrical sketch during their sit-in Al-Azhar University, protesting at striking off MB candidates from student union elections in the university, and dismissing a number of students who participated in the Free Student Union elections; the media outlets exploited that theatrical sketch to try to defame the Muslim Brotherhood and distort its image under the claim that it wants to form a military wing.
Court Upholds Farag Jail, Hears Dakahlia Detainees Appeal Tomorrow
Matariay Appeals Court upheld on Wednesday the prosecution decision of jailing Eng. Mohamed Farag the previous MB candidate for Matariya constituency in the last legislative elections.
Engineer Mohamed Farag was arrested last Sunday at dawn Jan. 7, 2007; he appeared before the prosecution on the evening of that day and it ordered jailing him for 15 days without any legal basis; he was sent, after the prosecution decision, to Mansoura public prison.
It is worth mentioning that Mansoura Appeals Court will hear on Thursday the appeal lodged for Dr. Mohamed Abdul Rahman, Dr. Hamed Mansour, Eng. Mohamed Zakariya, who were arrested on Tuesday at dawn Jan. 2, 2007, the fourth day of Al-Adha Feast.
The prosecution ordered jailing every one of them 15 days without any legal basis; it accused them of possessing and publishing prints related to the Muslim Brotherhood group and congratulating Muslims of Al-Adha feast to recruit more members in the group through those prints.