• May 6, 2014
  • 4 minutes read

Al-Shater Family Reject as False Al-Sisi Claims About Detained Muslim Brotherhood Vice-Chairman

Al-Shater Family Reject as False Al-Sisi Claims About Detained Muslim Brotherhood Vice-Chairman

A statement from the family of Khairat Al-Shater, the Vice-Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood:

The family of Muslim Brotherhood Vice-Chairman Khairat Al-Shater rejects as utter lies claims by the coup leader Abdul-Fattah Al-Sisi in which he said Al-Shater had threatened him with militias he could bring from abroad, if Al-Sisi executed a coup d’etat.

"First of all, everyone knows that our father, Al-Shater, never uses his fingers when he speaks as described by Al-Sisi in his false claims. More significant, our father was arrested and detained without calling any such militias to defend him, for example. Nor did they show up to defend Muslim Brotherhood members and headquarters against the counter-revolution’s vengeful violence and arson attacks during and before President Morsi’s term in office… All Sisi’s allegations are pure figments of his imagination, utter lies that need to be substantiated with audio and video evidence."

Al-Shater’s family expressed dismay and disgust at such false claims being made while Khairat Al-Shater himself is held hostage by the generals in a detention center and therefore cannot reply or refute them personally. The family demands that he is granted his right to reply live to refute these lies in the first court session in which he will appear. The family affirm that they always respected the sanctity of blood, something which the coup commanders and collaborators do not understand or appreciate, as they shed the blood of thousands of Egyptians in order to halt the Revolution and grab power.

"Our father’s and the Muslim Brotherhood’s approach is purely peaceful, certainly non-violent. The coup regime and its security apparatuses know that fully well, but their lust for power has blinded all their minds, their judgments… We suffered tremendous persecution and severe physical and psychological violence, but we persevered patiently, determined to save our homeland from division, sedition and strife. However, the traitorous powers of darkness and destruction never tire of persecuting the innocent and the honorable."

Al-Shater’s family reiterated their resolve to remain steadfast with all Egyptians in the face of the ferocious coup attempts of vilification and demonization and the putschists’ push to steal the whole country, "We trust in God Almighty. This injustice and persecution will be gone soon. All the lying and misinformation, too. We have great confidence in the patriotic people of Egypt. They are more alert and aware than ever before. They no longer believe the lies and deception of those whose hands are heavily stained with the blood of the sons and daughters of Egypt, those who killed and burnt Egyptian men and women, and even children".

Cairo: May 6, 2014