Al-Shater Urges all Egyptians to Unite Against Attempts to Reproduce Mubarak Regime

Al-Shater Urges all Egyptians to Unite Against Attempts to Reproduce Mubarak Regime

Khairat Al-Shater, the Freedom and Justice Party and Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate in Egypt’s upcoming presidential elections, following the decision of the Supreme Presidential Electoral Commission (SPEC) to disqualify and exclude him from the race, said: "We are ready and willing to go back to the squares of liberation again to complete the march of the revolution.

“We are ready and willing to pay an even greater price for liberation of this homeland and in order to combat and prevent gangs of old guard cronies from replicating the corrupt system of governance. The revolution will go on until a new system of government reflexive of the people’s wishes and aspirations is established."

During a popular conference held on Saturday in Matareya district (Cairo), Al-Shater said that what the Muslim Brotherhood is offering is a comprehensive homeland-rejuvenation project, not merely individuals’ initiatives or candidates’ electoral platforms.

“We will not enable the enemies of the revolution to abort it, even if we have to sacrifice thousands of martyrs again”, Al-Shater said, adding: "I urge all citizens to stand together united, in order to complete the march of the revolution, which is currently under threat of failure as certain hands target all Islamists, in the hope of reproducing the former regime, so as to illegitimately resume looting the people’s resources”.

Moreover, Al-Shater said that the Renaissance Project is not associated with any particular person or persons, adding that "We all will fully support Dr. Mohamed Morsi, Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party, in the implementation of this project we carry forth for all Egypt, whether he or I become president".

Further, Al-Shater underscored the need for a government eager to serve and benefit the nation and the homeland and realize the people’s dream of a dignified life.

He pointed that all the Islamic and other national movements and actors are seeking to rebuild the homeland, and that everyone should take responsibility by making people aware of the despicable plot that seeks to promote Mubarak-era holdovers and to persuade people to support the ultimate symbols of evil and corruption, adding that some individuals are prepared to do anything for the sake of dubious worldly gains.

Al-Shater called on people not to be affected by mass media’s vicious and deliberate campaign of slander and disinformation and the psychological war waged against Islamists.

“We have to confront the ‘enemy within’, as well as international enemies, who seek to sow the seeds of sedition and strife between us and to vilify Islamists. We must focus, too, on achieving the Renaissance Project, with Islamic reference, and on building a modern and fair system of governance", he added.

Furthermore, Al-Shater said, "While 2 out of a total 10 candidates excluded from the presidency race are Islamists, Ahmed Shafiq and Amr Moussa (two of the most prominent figures of the dissolved National Party) are encouraged to run for head of the republic.

“We will challenge the election committee’s decision, and we will take all legal action, tomorrow, to confront the enemies of the revolution who are betting on the failure of the people to react. Therefore, all Egyptian people must challenge the remnants of the old guard, the enemies of the people and the revolution, by wholeheartedly endorsing a candidate who will carry forth the Renaissance Project.