Al-Shorouq to suspend journalist on state security pressure

Al-Shorouq to suspend journalist on state security pressure

A press committee in Egyptian newspaper Al-Shorouq ordered to suspend journalist Eman Abdel-Moneim Mahmoud under the pretense that she sympathizes with Egypt “s Muslim Brotherhood.


The date goes back to Eman Abdul Moneim”s wed from the well-known Muslim Brotherhood blogger Abdul Moneim Mahmoud which triggered Al-Shorouq administration to drawing the political files from its unit, and transfer to the follow-up Egyptian ministries news unit under the pretense of she belongs to the Muslim brotherhood which Eman always denies. 


Eman Abdel-Moneim, the most prominent press faces that covered the Military trials of the Muslim Brotherhood leaders, and one of the top Egyptian Press younger, voiced astonishment of what happened for. It was shocking to all the quick response to the security pressure specifically two months of issuance as it adopted independent approach. 


The political news written by Eman Abdel Moneim in the daily Al-Shorouq also was one of the best stories highlighted in the front pages of the merging newspaper.


It comes a day after the whole world marked Press Freedom Day amid haunting and repressing Egypt and Arab reporters


Editorial Board of Brotherhood Website announces solidarity with Eman Abdel-Moneim, expressing refusal for all procedures taken to suspend under the pretext that she sympathies with the Muslim Brotherhood


Trialing peoples ideas are not related by any means to press proficiency as the stories that displayed in morning newspapers are governed by journalist”s proficiency not ideas stored in the minds.