Al-Wadi Al-Gadid Detainees commit suicide to escape torture

A new letter sent by a group of detainees in Al-Wadi Al-Gadid Prison to the editor of Torture In Egypt blog details some of the horrors in Mubarak’s gulags.

In their letter, the detainees complained of continuous verbal abuse, severe beatings from prison officers, which finally led to one of the detainees, Ahmad Abdel Sadek Ibrahim, to try committing suicide, after his hands and feet were chained to receive an overdoze of beatings. When his life was saved by his mates, the Prison Deputy Sherrif Said el-Faddali punished him with another doze of beatings.

The letter also mentioned another suicide attempt which unfortunately was successful. After he could not put up with the ill-treatment anymore, according to the letter, detainee Mohamed Abdel Fattah Mahmoud, a.k.a. Mohamed Nassar, swolled metal nails to kill himself. The pain was severe that Mohamed had to slash his wrist to speed up his death. The prison authorities “left him unconscious, bleeding, for a long time before the prison doctor was brought in. The detainee died Tuesday 26 of the current month of December,” the letter charged.

The letter also spoke of the “revolving door” of detentions. The Interior Ministry dodges court orders for the release of detainees, by signing on paper that the detainee was released, while transferring him to a military prison in the nearby oisis, where he’s kept for two weeks. Then, the detainee is brought back to Al-Wadi Al-Gadid Prison, with a new detention order from the Interior Ministry alleging the detainee “was back to suspicious political behavior.”

A number of detainees are on a hunger strike also. The letter accused the prison authorities of not notifying the Prosecutor there were prisoners on a hungerstrike–another legal obligation the Interior flushes down the toilet. The letter named detainees including Khaled Abdel Badei’ (on a hungerstrike for 15 days now), Ramzi Mowafi (25 days) and Adel el-Sayyed (14 days).

And to make sure the detainees enjoy the Eid spirit, the prison authorities banned family visits..