Al Zawahiri Should Reconsider Political Views on Hamas – Hamdan

Al Zawahiri Should Reconsider Political Views on Hamas – Hamdan

Hamas asked Al-Qaeda"s second-in-command to reconsider his political views following a footage in which he attacked the moderate Palestinian group.

In a new footage aired on Al-Jazeera Satellite Channel, Al-Qaeda second-in-command, Dr. Ayman Al-Zawahiri, criticized Mecca Declaration which was reached between both Fatah and Hamas Movements .

Al Zawahiri considered this agreement as a declaration of mourning over Hamas movement .

For his part, Osama Hamdan, a Hamas leader and epresentative in Lebanon,said to Ikhwanweb that "Al Zawahiri"s statements and criticism to Hamas movement will never have any impact on the movement"s attitudes; this is because Mecca agreement and other agreements are reached through an institutional method and through the approval of all Hamas members and
cadres .

Hamdan added that Hamas power-sharing role took place to support the Palestinian resistance against the occupation forces and it wasn"t, according to Al-Zawahiri, a concession.

Hamdan attacked Al Zawahiri"s statements fiercely because these criticisms against Hamas movement are coming from a person who does not know any facts or information about the situation on the ground in the Palestinian territories.

Hamdan pointed out that Hamas movement accepts any criticism based on right information, but what Al Zawahiri said isn"t a criticism but is an unjustified attack against Hamas movement and its leaders .

Hamdan advised Al Zawahiri to reconsiders his political views that caused more harm to the Nation.