• November 2, 2008

Alex Misdemeanors Court Releases Detainees of Al Jazeerah School

Alex Misdemeanors Court Releases Detainees of Al Jazeerah School

Consultancy Chamber at the misdemeanors court of Alexandria ordered
the release of eight detained parents of Al Jazeerah School students.
The released are Hosam Mohamed Monir (headmaster), Hisham Mohamed
Monir, Mohamed Abdul Ssamad, Mohamed Abdul Wahhab, Mahir Ahmad Abdul
Ghaffar, Hussein Mohamed Ezz El Din, Abdullah Mohamed Nagib, and Ayman
Al Jazeerah School witnessed intensive tragic events; especially the
affliction of one of the parents of quadriplegia due to torture he
received at the hands of the police officers.

The school received many rulings from the Administrative Judiciary
Court of Alexandria deeming the halt of the closure decision.
There are nearly 27 detainees behind the bars since the events of the
school which is ordered opened many times; however the Interior
Ministry still insists on ignoring the judicial rulings as far as
arresting 11 parents as well as journalist Hosam El Wakil and blogger
Mohamed Dawoud.

Muslim Brotherhood in Alexandria organized a protest march during the
examination of the students” detained parents” families.
In his statements to Ikhwanweb, Osama Gadow (member of MB
parliamentary bloc) said that the MB- organized protest is against the
police violations of the people”s dignities and indicated that the MB
parliamentarians pursued all possible procedures to curb and resist
such violations and torture; especially such incidents like that of
the father who suffered from quadriplegia and the killing of a
pregnant lady at Samaloutt city of Minya and others.

Gadowsaid that such arrests will never intimidate those struggling for
the right and reform. He also warned against the collapse of the
state”s corners if left the criminals unpunished.