Alexandria, At 11:00 O’clock,Election News Coverage

Election News Coverage

Al Dekhiylah Constituency:
The police have arrested 8 MB members in front of the Orobah School in Al-Wardiyan while they were trying to reach to the polling station to cast their votes.
The police are tightening their cordons around all polling station to prevent electorates from casting their votes.
Ghorbaal Constituency:
A Travellers Coach number plate 345 Alex, was spotted carrying the widely known as collectively registered non-residents to vote for the NDP candidate in the area.
Also microbuses number plates Alex 1645,21615,50370&55470 were spotted carrying the collectively registered non-residents to vote for the NDP candidate. Those are the only people allowed into the polling station so far.
The presiding judges have walked out of all polling stations within Al-Jaza’ir, Ahmed Tala’at, Al Nahdah Al Nobiyah & Amin Al Rafe’I schools and are standing now in streets in protest to the unlawful practices of the security forces who prevented the local residents from entering the station to cast their votes. The judges may declare their stance on the issue very shortly.
The overseeing judges have contacted their leadership in the Judiciary Council and in The judges Forum in order to brief them on the situation and letting them aware of events and incidents. It has been said that judges are awaiting a possible decision to cancel the election.
The judges in Ahmed Badawi School have summoned the police officers who are cordoning the place and demanded that the siege to be lifted and the residents to be allowed to enter the polling station in order to cast their votes otherwise they (i.e. the judges) will have to cancel the election. The judges have also asked the local people to take photographs of the folding events and to hand it to them in order to append them with their reports.