Alexandria Brotherhood Serves 130,000 Citizens in Six Hours on Friday

Alexandria Brotherhood Serves 130,000 Citizens in Six Hours on Friday

Anas Al-Qadi, Muslim Brotherhood media spokesman in Alexandria, denounced ongoing violence outside the temporary headquarters of the Alexandria governorate local council, as well as clashes in nearby Mansheya, describing parties involved as politically bankrupt.

In a statement to Ikhwanweb, Al-Qadi said: "Certain political forces on the street now are spreading chaos, arson, violence and vandalism. This is clearly a failed attempt to overthrow the legitimate regime, which reveals these parties’ political bankruptcy, especially as all citizens refused to join their barbaric protests, with some citizens even volunteering to defend several public institutions, including the Court of Alexandria, preventing certain parties’ militias from storming them".

Al-Qadi further pointed that all protests and activities of political forces in the street in all provinces today do not match even one of the protest and demonstration events of the 2011 Revolution in Alexandria alone – evidence of total rejection by the Egyptian street, throughout the homeland, of those calls to violence and vandalism and the dubious ‘political’ parties that made them.

"The Muslim Brotherhood is commemorating the Revolution with a series of charitable development events serving the whole community; because the Brotherhood always looks to the future of the homeland and people’s needs and aspirations. This is why we’ve launched the ‘Together We Build Egypt’ campaign, which aims to provide mostly free services to the Egyptian people, such as medical convoys across the country’s provinces and a campaign to fill potholes in roads, under the banner “Pothole-less Alexandria” to help solve traffic crises. The Brotherhood is also organizing charitable markets that sell commodities at hugely reduced prices, to ease the burden on poor families, as well as tree-planting campaigns in various governorates.

"Today we organized 63 charitable markets and 49 medical convoys as well as 8 job fairs for youth that provided 6000 new jobs. We also launched 16 campaigns for tree-planting, many initiatives to paint sidewalks and walls, and 23 campaigns to repair street damage, paving roads and filling potholes, with some 130,000 citizens benefiting from these services in Alexandria alone."

Al-Qadi added that, "This is the difference between the Muslim Brotherhood marking the memory of the Revolution with greatly appreciated services, and so-called civil forces celebrating the Revolution with flagrant acts of arson, and violence, spreading chaos and destruction and vandalism".