Alexandria Judges Stage Sit-in on Friday

Friday: Alexandria Judges Stage Sit-in
In an unprecedented development, Alexandria Judges’ Union, in its meeting, called on a sit-in on Friday, February, 17th. The action intends to protest the government interference in judiciary affaires and its procrastination of a law that promotes judiciary independency.
Recently, Alexandria Judges’ Union has triggered the revolution of judges against the government and its oppression; a spark that extended to all nationwide judiciary unions.       
Since judiciary independency is the ground for justice and elimination of suppression and autocracy, the ’Committee for Supporting Judges’ urged all honorable citizens to join the sit-in and to show support for judiciary. It, in addition, appealed to masses, university students, syndicates, parties, popular committees, and reform-concern activists to participate in the sit-in and to support judges in their demands.