Alexandria MBs launch a campaign to remove police chief

Alexandria MBs launch a campaign to remove police chief


In a press conference held at their headquarters in Alexandria , the MBs stressed that the campaign comes in response to the escalating use of violence by police against citizens with the latest victim Khaled Saed killed after brutal beatings and torture.

MB MP Saber Abul Fotouh maintained that the killing of Khaled Saed is an evident case of corruption which reveals the extent of dictatorship and tyranny spread in Egypt . He added “The Ministry of Interior has had many generations of policemen graduate during the “emergency law era” encouraging them to do as they wish. This has prompted them to believe they are above the law judging and ordering people without being prosecuted. The MP continued “our cause concerns all the Egyptian citizens and we are prosecuting the entire ruling  regime which consented to and took part in the spread of corruption and injustice everywhere in Egypt ”. He pointed out that the campaign for holding the head of security accountable is only the beginning of the prosecuting process claiming they will call on every individual responsible for these crimes to be tried in court.

The MB members of Parliament in fact took action, calling for its investigation  however the majority of the ruling NDP refused to discuss the issue.

Abul Fotouh slammed the decision to abstain from discussion confirming that they were the same MPs who agreed on the extension of the Emergency law in order to humiliate and torture people. 

Khalaf Bayoumi, Director of Al-Shehab Centre for Human Rights and MB lawyer in Alexandria , asserted that the people of Alexandria have been subjected to a number of violations during a short period of time without punishing or prosecuting those responsible for these crimes. He recalled  the incident where  Yusuf an Alexandria citizen was shot to death in 2007 in Almontazah area, and Khalil who was killed in the police station of Sidi Gaber in 2007 and Hamada Abdel Latif who became completely paralyzed after policemen stepped over his body in 2008, and the incident of Al-Saa Square where they randomly chased citizens and arrested them and now the killing of Khaled Saed. He stressed on the importance of prosecuting the informants, head of interrogations and head of security for their responsibility of the incident.

Mohamed Abdel Aziz, Lawyer at Alnadeem centre for Human Rights stressed that the policy of torture is the state’s policy which operates according to the minister’s whims and political decisions. He pointed out that the campaign is aspiring to having the Minister of Interior himself expelled from the Ministry.