• MB News
  • January 28, 2013
  • 3 minutes read

Alexandria Muslim Brotherhood: Certain Egyptian Media See Thugs As Peaceful Protesters, Heroes

Alexandria Muslim Brotherhood: Certain Egyptian Media See Thugs As Peaceful Protesters, Heroes

Anas Al-Qadi, Muslim Brotherhood spokesman in Alexandria, accused some media outlets of exaggerating events in Alexandria, legitimizing thugs and murderers, and describing them as honorable revolutionaries and opposition forces.

In a press statement Sunday, Al-Qadi denounced certain media outlets for promoting violent action by hundreds of outlaws in Alexandria, referring to criminals as free demonstrators, in a blatant attempt to turn truths upside down.

"The media praise armed opposition militias that have emerged in recent demonstrations and called themselves the Black Bloc, who use violence and vandalism in their demonstrations."

Al-Qadi further said that what happened in Alexandria over the past week, from the storming of the Criminal Court in Alexandria and setting fire to a number of its administrative offices, to the torching of police cars, continued attempts to break into the temporary headquarters of the Alexandria Governorate, and blocking of roads and railways, to the use of Molotov cocktails and stones in demonstrations – are pure thuggery that require media condemnation, not praise.

"The Egyptian white revolution was never one of burning, sabotage or violence. It was peaceful, and no-one attacked or burnt State institutions. I do urge the media to investigate the accuracy of what they broadcast, commit to professional standards and boldly bear their responsibility at this critical stage of Egypt’s history.

"The right of peaceful expression is guaranteed for all, at any time or place, but we cannot describe painful attacks against Egyptians and State institutions except as acts of thuggery by militias that security forces must investigate in order to find who masterminds their criminal operations."