Alexandria Muslim Brotherhood Slams Unjust Sentences Against Military Coup Regime Opponents

Alexandria Muslim Brotherhood Slams Unjust Sentences Against Military Coup Regime Opponents

The military coup regime’s courts have issued unjust sentences against a number of revolutionary work leaders and dozens of anti-coup activists. They sentenced to death 3 peaceful revolutionary action leaders in Alexandria. Moreover, they sentenced 68 others to life imprisonment and many years in prison, on false charges, and without evidence, in a farcical political trial that lacked the minimum standards of law and logic.

The Muslim Brotherhood solemnly salutes the heroes still standing steadfast in junta jails and detention centers. The group affirms that it will persist on the Revolutionary path against the military coup, no matter what politicized verdicts and sentences are issued, and no matter how brutal the repressive practices of the illegitimate coup regime and its criminal authorities. None of this will weaken the men and women of the January 2011 Revolution. None of this will stop our advance to fight injustice, and to eradicate rampant corruption in state institutions and apparatuses.

The Muslim Brotherhood assures the Revolution will not allow the junta to kill or muzzle it. The Revolution will continue its escalation against the military coup in all quarters. It will inflict heavy losses on the coup in response to the unjust sentences. 
To the criminal military coup commanders, their cronies and militias in Alexandria, and their henchmen – the unjust judges…

You will not escape revolutionary retribution. The Revolution will not allow your absurd sentences to be carried out. You will face the revolutionary courts in public squares across Egypt, in trials that will be witnessed by the whole world. The Revolution will achieve retribution for the martyrs, the innocent people you killed. It will liberate the opponents you hold hostage. It will break your illegitimate coup.

Muslim Brotherhood

Alexandria (Egypt): Monday – September 28, 2015