Algeria’s MB Denounces Bombings

The Movement for the Society of Peace, the Muslim Brotherhood offshoot in Algeria, declared its condemnation to the bombing that took place on Wednesday.
In a statement to Ikhwanweb, Abou Jarrah Sultani, the leader  of Algeria’s Movement for the Society of Peace (HMS) said the HMS condemns the bombings that took place today in the capital; he said the movement confirms its outright rejection to the use the violence for achieving any goal. “The Movement for the Society of Peace confirms that taking part in the peaceful political action, albeit hard, is the best way to achieve our targets” said Sultani .
The movement denounces these bombing and it has a clear attitude towards these exercises during more than 15 years, a total rejection to the principle of using violence, he added.
“This method of violence has claimed more than 120000 victims due to this fanaticism and violence” said Sultani adding that ” the Movement for the Society of Peace condemns Wednesday bombings that claimed about 30 Algerian citizens.
HMS leader pointed out that the Algerian blood should be a red line that all Algerian powers musn’t cross, preserving lives is one of the Islamic Sharia purposes .
When asked why violence returned to Algeria, Sultani said these bombings are just a show of power and a message to the Algerian society from those militant groups saying they are still active; however Sultani said :” I don’t think that these bombings mean that acts of violence have returned to Algeria .
Sultani downplayed the effect of these bombings on the coming elections.” five elections were held under atmospheres of violence.
It is worth mentioning that the Algerian capital witnessed two huge explosions that claimed lives of 30 persons on Wednesday, and 82 others were injured; the first explosion took place when a car bomb exploded at the gate of the government building that includes the office of Prime Minister Abdelaziz Belkhadem; the other explosion took place in front of a police station east of the capital.
These two explosions took place under the current clashes between the Algerian security forces and the militants affiliated to Al-Qaeda network in the Islamic Maghreb, claiming many casualties among both sides; these clashes and bombings are taking place about a month before holding the legislative elections scheduled next May, 17.
These two bombings took place only one day after clashes that took place in Farah district in the Moroccan city of Casablanca between Moroccan security forces and 4 militants, during which three militants blew themselves up and the fourth was killed by policemen; a policemen was killed during these explosions.
Violence first erupted in Algeria in 1992 when the Islamic Salvation Front achieved a landslide win in the legislative elections, but the pro-France and secularist-leaning Algerian army canceled the election results; this made the country ge involved in bloody confrontations that claimed 200 thousand deaths and more than 6500 missing persons. The Algerian military machine took part in stoking this violence, and it was a key player to the extent that it kidnapped and killed many opposition leaders and supporters.

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