All powers must unite in solidarity and fight for their freedom

All powers must unite in solidarity and fight for their freedom

  Political powers and parties and intellectuals reached the resolution that they will unite in solidarity to oppose oppressive policies, injustice and all that epitomizes corruption. The Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Mahdy Akef invited prominent figures to attend the Iftar (Muslims breaking of their sunrise to sunset fast) where they reflected on their dreams and beliefs that there is nothing worthy of reverence than the authority of the freely chosen leader of a great and free people.

The guests included Dr. Mohamed Emara, the great writer Fahmi Howeidi, Chancellor Mahmoud Al Khudairi, Dr. Yahya al-Jamal, and Dr. Atef Al-Banna, Dr. Gaber Komiha, Dr. Hassan Hanafi, and Dr. Hamdi Al-Sayyed, Dr. Abdullah Al Ashaal, Dr. Hassan Nafa, Dr. Osama Al-Ghazali Harb, Dr. Abdul Jalil Mustafa, Chancellor Said El-Naggar and Nasserite Party MP Hamdeen Sabahi, Eng. Mohamed Esmat Seif El Dawla, MP Alaa Abdel Moneim, and Farouk  Al-ashri, and George Isaac, Chancellor Mahfouz Azzam and Dr. Magdy Qorqr, and Dr. Rafiq Habib, MP Saad Abboud, Dr. Abdel-Halim Kandil, and Dr. Gamal Zahran.

Guests from the  movement included Deputy Chairman of Muslim Brotherhood Dr. Mohamed Habib, Secretary-General Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat, member of the Brotherhood’s governing Guidance Office Dr. Mohamed Mursi, and Treasurer of the Medical Association Dr. Essam el-Erian and member of the Bar Association Ahmed Seif al-Islam Hassan Al-Banna, and professor of sociology Dr. Salah Abdel-Motaal, member of the MB Guidance Office Sheikh Gomaah Amin, Chairman of the MB Parliamentary bloc in the People’s Assembly and member of the MB Guidance Bureau Dr. Mohamed Saad Al-Katatni and the President of the Brotherhood’s parliamentary bloc, Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan, Dr. Mohammed Badi, Dr. Mohi Hamid, Engineer Saad Al Husseini, member of the MB Guidance Bureau Dr. Mohammed Abdel Al altogether with members of the Brotherhood’s parliamentary bloc Dr. Mohamed Al Beltagy, Sobhi Saleh, Dr. Hamdi Hassan, Dr. Farid Ismail, Azab Mostafa, Dr. Ahmed Diab besides Eng. Assem Shalaby.

Leaders and intellectuals shared their ideas and dreams.

In his speech, MB Chairman thanked his guests for attending. Akef stressed the "ruling regime’s attempts to undermine national solidarity will only result in firmer ties with opposing parties"

He argued that the enormous number of acquitted and innocent detainees in prison was deplorable questioning the ban on freedom of speech and the violations of human rights.

Akef used events that took place with the Palestinian suffering, and daily humiliations of occupation, and dislocation as proof of the violation of human rights adding that "despite all vital institutions issuing a decision to lift the siege Egypt’s ruling regime continued to refuse to lift the siege on Gaza. Furthermore, Mubarak’s regime arrests anyone who seeks to end the embargo. At the top of the list of those who have been detained were Dr. Abdel Moneim Abul Futuh and Dr. Jamal Abdul Salam. Akef concluded his speech wondering isn’t it about time for Mubarak to refrain from all injustice?" 

In his speech, professor of Constitutional Law at the Faculty of Law Cairo University Dr. Yahya Al-Jamal highlighted the importance of true democracy as the basis of the success of any governing leader where freedom of opinion is imperative 

   Dr. Hassan Nafa, professor of political science and the Secretary-General of the Arab Thought Forum warned of the further deterioration of the situation in Egypt at all political, economic and social levels if the authoritarian regime continued corruption.

Nafaa appealed to the importance of all leading figures of Egypt’s political and national powers to sit at one table and agree upon a standard scenario in which they must pursue in the upcoming period putting the personal interests aside. He stressed that "the ruling NDP is at the basis of all problems in Egypt".

National front

In his speech, Dr. Osama al-Gazli Harb, the leader of the National Democratic Front Party (DFP), ascertained that there is "no alternative" but to create an alliance with opposition powers in Egypt because the future of the country is "in jeopardy due to the practices of the ruling party." He denounced the ongoing arrests among the ranks of the Muslim Brotherhood.

A warning to the opposition

Chancellor Mahmoud Al Khudairi, a forerunner of Egyptian judicial independence movement, warned Egyptian opposition of their various political trends from a plot by the ruling party to disperse strong opposition from within their own ranks to divert their efforts.

Al Khudairi paid tribute to Dr. Abdel Moneim Abul Fotouh, Member of the Executive Bureau of the Muslim Brotherhood, and Secretary-General of the Arab Doctors Union,  who is detained, stressing that the accusations of his effective role in helping the Palestinian people is a great honor for any Egyptian.

In his speech, George Isaac emphasized the significance of change if their was to be any real reform since the current ruling regime will not change its methods.  The Palestinian cause will never be resolved unless Egypt is a sovereign state, free and independent.

Abd al-Halim Kandeel, coordinator of the Kifaya (Enough) movement, added "We demand the opposition review its attitude and rally around a single agenda", stressing that "the regime seeks to get rid of the real opposition to clear the way for the forth coming elections of the people’s Assembly". 

Islamic scholar Dr. Mohamed Emara insisted that "all writers and political activists draw attention to the danger of the Zionist scheme which is aimed at "Judaizing Jerusalem and demolishing Al-Aqsa Mosque".

 Dr. Hamdi al-Sayed expressed his will for an intrinsic change in favor of democracy and good governance based on transparency and accountability through democratic institutions. He stressed that Egypt has the capacity and capability to allow a renaissance.

One slogan:

Dr.Abdullah Al-Ashal and Saad Aboud of al-karama proposed that all parties whether for or against the NDP meet for mature and responsible dialogue since "The existing situation will not disappear without effective discourse"

Reasons for failure

In his speech Dr Abdul Galil Mustafa, Professor at Faculty of Medicine, Kasr El Aini and Magdi Qorqor stressed that success would only be possible if opposition parties united indicating that words must be pursued by actions.

New motto 

Dr. Mohamed El Beltagy, secretary-general of the MB Parliamentary Bloc, suggested raising the motto of "Egyptians for free and fair elections."

The dinner proved to be a success where leaders left elated with their new avowals and intentions after listening to Dr Mohamed Habib who reiterated all their desires and dreams of the existence of democratic institutions that guarantee freedom in practice  avoiding political repression, torture, censure and any  forms of the denying of freedom. A freedom which initially is a right not a gift and since Freedom will never be voluntarily given by our oppressor than; it must be demanded by us the oppressed.