Alliance Calls for “Where are the Youth?” Protest Week

Alliance Calls for “Where are the Youth?” Protest Week

 Murderer of Youth, General Sisi, continues with his preparations for hosting a new youth conference, which he calls “international”, and bringing in a number of youth from varied countries at the expense of the Egyptian citizens in an effort to show that he too cares for these youth. 


The General does so as he has been murdering Egypt’s youth in cold blood, and pursuing and cramming thousands of them in dungeons. Sisi has also detained many youth who have been subjected to forcible disappearance so that they may be killed when necessary after having hunted them down at universities, forbade them from the right of expression, peaceful demonstrations, or from holding seminars and conferences. 

So here is Sisi once again hosting foreign youth and lavishly spending millions of pounds paid by the taxes levied on Egyptians who suffer from high prices and low incomes, and from a Treasury burdened with internal and external debts.

Sisi is keen on holding such laughable conferences which strain State Treasury while denying Egyptian youth their right to good education, good health, and proper housing – a matter which he personally admitted while in Paris. 

Sisi not only pursues Egypt’s young men, but its young women as well, where he kills, jails, and abduct many of them. Most recently Somaya Maher Hazimah (25), victim of forcible disappearance who was snatched by the authorities the night of her wedding more than 10 days ago with no news of her whereabouts. 

One of Sisi’s judges has not responded to her incarcerated father’s plea, lawfully elected MP Maher Hazimah, of revealing his daughter’s whereabouts. 

In light of such ruthlessness practiced by Sisi against young men and women, the National Alliance Supporting Legitimacy calls for a new revolutionary week entitled “Where are the Youth?”.  

The Alliance emphasises that the Youth of January [Revolution] shall remain the pride of Egyptian youth, loyal to its revolution, and that jail and detention have only made them stronger. These young men and women shall persevere in confronting the unruly coup which has harnessed all its might to fight youth and quash their ambitions – a coup which then behaves like a wolf in sheep’s clothing pretending to support youth through comical conferences whose attendees are chosen from among those colluding with it, while none with free opinions or stances are invited.

The youth of Egypt shall forever remain a thorn in the side of every tyrant. They shall always seek the freedom and dignity of their nation and people, and as they have proven on 25th January, are qualified to regain their revolution no matter how long it takes.

The National Alliance for Supporting Legitimacy