Alshaab Newspaper: Egypt is building an electronic fence around Rafah city

Alshaab Newspaper: Egypt is building an electronic fence around Rafah city

The Egyptian Al-Shaab newspaper reported Saturday that the Egyptian authorities embarked on building an electronic fence around the city of Rafah in Egypt in order to reduce the entry of goods into the besieged Gaza Strip.


The newspaper reported that this security fence would isolate the Egyptian town of Rafah from the Sinai Peninsula, adding that the Egyptian authorities would establish three gates inside this fence.


In a related context, hundreds of Palestinian children on Saturday participated in a sit-in at the Rafah border crossing in protest of the iron wall being built by Egypt on its borders with Gaza.


The children carried banners condemning Egypt for tightening the siege on Gazan children and depriving them of living a normal childhood. One child read out a letter appealing to the Egyptian government to stop its construction on the Rafah borders and to permanently open the Rafah border crossing.

The letter condemned the wall describing it as "worse than the Berlin wall".

 The Muslim Brotherhood group in Egypt strongly denounced the Egyptian authorities for building the iron wall, alleging that the Egyptian regime was responsible for increasing the suffering of the Palestinian people in Gaza in compliance with Israeli -American alliances.


In a statement, the group called on the Egyptian authorities to immediately stop building the wall and to allow the "Lifeline" convoy to arrive in Gaza.

It stressed that if Egypt genuinely to end the problems of the Gaza tunnels, it has to open the Rafah crossing permanently.