• July 3, 2006
  • 5 minutes read

AlTekriti: Most Iraqi Resistance Disavows OBL statements

AlTekriti: Most Iraqi Resistance Disavows OBL statements


Commenting on the statements made by Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden lashing out at the players in the political process  including the Islamic Iraqi Party headed by Vice President Tarek el Hashemy, Iraqi political analyst Anas el Tikriti said in an exclusive  statement to Ikhwanweb that bin Laden’s statements presage not only a civil  war but also a war of extermination which will befall the  entire nation if  the Qaeda persists with its  dark vision of eliminating the Others.


The London- based analyst added that while the legitimate Iraqi resistance limits itself to resisting the occupier only, Bin
Laden and his protégés consider as an enemy those who do not belong to their ideology or those suspected   by al Qaeda as collaborators
with the occupier, something which opens the door for an untold civil war.


Al Tekriti referred to Zarkwai’s war on the Shiites, saying that this bloody attitude gave the Badr Brigades and other death squads affiliated to the security forces the opportunity to retaliate with  unstopping atrocities and brutalities against the Sunni Muslims in general and their scholars in particular.


Al Tikrity defended the Iraqi Islamic party(IIP) and praised Mr. Tarek Hashemy, Iraqi vice president and head the the IIP, by referring to his courageous positions in resisting injustice either at Saddam’s era or vis a vis the American occupation.

 He considered as naive and close minded those who restrict the resistance to the use of weapons, saying that the political, economic, and commercial and media aseffective means of resistance.