American historian: I read in faces of Gazans immense strength and confidence

American historian: I read in faces of Gazans immense strength and confidence

The American historian, Professor Paul Aron, who is visiting the Gaza Strip said that the situation in Gaza after the war is horrifying adding that he expected this situation to persist for a long time.


He said, during an interview with Quds Press on Friday, that the USA was not concerned about Gaza and held Israel, Egypt and the west responsible for the siege.


About the situation of the people of Gaza after the war and under the continous siege Aron said: “I visited a people who are living in a tragic situation, but they have not been defeated from inside [..] I expected to find a people who were full of anger and animosity, but what I read in the faces of people here was immense strength and confidence, they might have something else inside them, I don”t know.”


“I saw in the people of Gaza emotional stability, I did not see them crying, they keep their feeling inside,” he added


Professor Aron also said that he expected to find people in the Gaza Strip at each others” throats, but that was not the case, and when he asked for the reason, someone told him that the residents of Gaza have always suffered and the Israelis could not do anything worse to them than they have already done.


He added that he talked to a mother who lost two of her children who were mutilated by an Israeli bomb. She told him that during the war she lived with her children for ten days, without food or water, then he says that he did not find her broken, but she was strong and her children who are still alive are full of hope and did not show any signs of being broken.


He expressed admiration for the family, which despite its losses was full of hope for a better life, adding that the outside media tries to portray Gaza as a place full of people who love death and destruction, but that what he found was people who want to live a dignified life and connect with others.