Amnesty calls on regime to allow peaceful protests

Amnesty calls on regime to allow peaceful protests

Amnesty International has called on Egyptian authorities not to clamp down on the scheduled nationwide demonstrations January 25, following reports of police threats to opposition members.

Members of the Muslim Brotherhood and the NAC have been summoned and threatened with arrest and detention if they go ahead with plans to protest against unemployment, police abuses and corruption.

Authorities have issued warnings vowing that the police will deal firmly and decisively with individuals who insist on taking part in unauthorized protests.

According to Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui, Deputy Director for the Middle East and North Africa programme it is imperative that the regime allow peaceful protests, asserting that  security personnel must stop arresting and intimidating peaceful opposition activists.

She added that Egypt’s security forces have a tarnished record while dealing with demonstrators. She called on them to refrain from excessive force against protestors during the march.