Amr: Abbas is responsible for delaying the vote on Goldstone’s report

Amr: Abbas is responsible for delaying the vote on Goldstone’s report

Nabil Amr, the resigned Palestinian ambassador to Cairo, accused Mahmoud Abbas of being responsible for postponing the vote on Goldstone’s report about Israeli war crimes in the Gaza Strip.

Amr told Al-Jazeera satellite channel on Tuesday that Abbas has to admit his responsibility for withdrawing the report, pointing out that Abbas tried to evade his responsibility by saying he would form a committee to investigate what happened and putting the blame on Arab countries.

In the same context, the Palestinian communist party condemned on Monday the withdrawal of Goldstone’s report as a political scandal and high treason.

The party said that Abbas’s claims about the involvement of Arab countries in the withdrawal of the report and the formation of an investigation committee were an attempt to pull the wool over the eyes and cover up his blatant compliance with the Israeli dictates.

During a protest held outside the UNRWA headquarters in Gaza on Tuesday, families of war victims deplored Abbas for withdrawing Goldstone’s report, considering his position a disrespect for their pains and for the blood of thousands of Palestinian martyrs.

They appealed to international human rights organization and Arab leaders to refer Goldstone’s report to international courts to prosecute Israeli leaders for the crimes they committed against them.

For its part, the Palestinian community in Switzerland strongly denounced the PA irresponsible position against Goldstone’s report, saying that this position represented a political and moral decline and contradicted the interests and rights of the Palestinian people and the justice of their national cause.

The community demanded the Palestinian Authority (PA) to apologize to the Palestinian people for selling their rights at auction.

In a joint statement issued Tuesday, the media forum, the media assembly and the journalist bloc expressed their dismay and shock at the PA for its irresponsible position towards Goldstone’s report.

They described this position as a poisoned dagger stabbed in the heart of every Palestinian seeking to avenge the blood of innocent victims who were slain by Israeli war criminals.

The Palestinian police, for their part, declared Tuesday their intention to arrest everyone involved in obstructing Goldstone’s report on Israeli war crimes, noting that they lost hundreds of policemen during the last Israeli war.

In a televised statement on Al-Jazeera channel, Osama Hamdan, the representative of Hamas in Lebanon, said that Abbas must bear responsibility for what he had done, adding his only solution is to backtrack on his decision and correct what happened by putting Goldstone’s report forward and supporting it.