Amr Moussa Rebuts Liberals’ Criticism of MB

Amr Moussa Rebuts Liberals’ Criticism of MB

Former Arab League Chief Amr Moussa, and could-be candidate for the presidential election, spoke yesterday afternoon confirming his objections to extending the current transitional period objecting also to the proposal of the formation of a transitional council.

Moussa did however call for the postponement of the legislative elections until the situation in Egypt was what he described as stabilized.

Moussa denied allegations by the Leader of the Wafd Party that he was the party’s candidate in the upcoming presidential elections. He argued that the announcement was inaccurate, stating in fact the subject was not discussed with Wafd Party leader El-Badawi adding that he would run as an independent.

Moussa declined to comment on any surprises that could be carried out by the Military Council, such as presenting a military candidate for presidency.

During the press conference Mousa maintained that he did not fear the Muslim Brotherhood praising the way they organized themselves. He said it is no fault of the MB if other parties lack this type of systemized order and preparations.

He asserted said that he had never considered the MB as a bogeyman nor were they a threat to democracy. He said that the group is “part of the political arena”, stressing that the group constitutes a part of the fabric of this community.

Moussa pointed out that the political arena is currently equipped for democratic process and elections. However he added “We want to prepare well for this and we want the new parties to mature, we want them to be dynamic and effective”.

He highlighted that he did not agree with the notion of delaying the practicing of the democratic process, saying that such a delay would lead to continued uncertainty in the situation which has not yet settled.

He ascertained that the notion of delaying the democratization process should not be raised as we want to speed up the change and reach the stability of the situation in accordance with what has been agreed upon with the ruling military junta.