An Appeal to Open Rafah Crossing Point Urgently

Over the past few years the Palestinian People has been facing grave financial and social problems, due to border closures and siege , which deprived them access to their basic life needs .

The situation has complicated with the Israeli closure of Rafah Crossing Point since June 2006. They use to open it between time and then only for few specific periods. It is continuously closed since the previous two months as well. This   affects badly on  Health Sector as so many patients can”t get access to their medical services particularly, those who are in desperate need of treatment abroad .   Further more,  medical teams  have been prevented from participating in many international medical conferences due to this aggressive action.

Also the siege imposed on non-materials, which led to negative consequences such as, disability of reform of power generator, entrance of concrete materials or spare parts. All this lead material assistance such as elevators and oxygen stations, laundries to stop work at any moment due to this unjust siege.   

We urge all human rights defenders,   and Peace-lovers worldwide to respond  to our appeal and  pressure Israel to reopen Rafah Crossing Point immediately to alleviate the suffering of our population.

Thank you for your prompt support.  


Dr.Basem Naim
Minister of Health