An Egyptian Accusing A Police General & Officer Of Torture

An Egyptian Accusing A Police General & Officer Of Torture

Ayman Abdu Ismael (38 years) accused a police General at North Sharqyia Security Department and a police officer at Awlad Saqr police station at the same governorate of torturing him and usurping his funds without any crime or a legal reason for the blatant violation.

Ayman Abdu narrated that he was surprised predawn on Thursday August 21, 2008 by the police storming into his house and expelled him outside the house where he found a huge number of police trucks and soldiers in black clothes. He was afterwards blindfolded while other soldiers destroyed his possessions and furniture, assaulted his wife, and robbed EGP 60000; the price he got from a car he sold two days prior to the incident.

“I was driven to Zagazig security camp where I was severely encroached upon at the hands of the policemen who violently hit me hard and shocked me with electricity,” he said adding that he was denied food and drinks as well as shackled by hands and legs for three days in custody.

Surprisingly, he found a policeman uncovering his blindfold and ordered him to go out of the camp provided that he seeks not what happened in order not to be persecuted again.

On returning home, his wife told him that a policeman took the 60000 pounds when searching the house; therefore he went to the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights to file a complaint.

The organization”s lawyer filed an official complaint calling for probes into the arrest, torture, and usurping the funds of Ayman Abdu without any legal reason. Prosecution responded and listened to the neighboring witnesses who asserted Ayman”s words.