An epitome of the Israeli Jewish society

An epitome of the Israeli Jewish society

An Israeli female soldier, named Eden Abergil, has recently posted photos on Facebook of herself in uniform smiling beside bound and blindfolded Palestinian detainees.

In a certain sense, the Eden’s collections of photos represented a poor mimicry of the pornographic scenes revealed at the Abu Ghreib detention facility in Iraq several years ago.

The untold message Abegril apparently wanted to communicate sounded like this: “These are my sexual objects, I deal with them as I deem fit. I am the master; their lives are in my hands. They are my playboys.”

When Abegril was criticized for “besmirching the IDF image, she went wild:

“I can’t allow Arab lovers to ruin the perfect life I lead,” wrote. “I am not sorry and I don’t regret it.”

She added “I am in favor of a Jewish-Zionist State. I defend what has been rightfully mine for ages. I would even slaughter, not only abuse, the Arabs.”

Well, I don’t know if the Gestapo behaved similarly with Jewish detainees in the course of the Second World War. What is sufficiently clear to me though   is that this woman’s sick behavior, especially her invocation of Zionism as a justification for her brutal sadism, is by no means an isolated case in a society suffering from a deep collective psychosis.

This is why it is safe to assume that this type of behavior represents the modus operandi in the Israeli occupation army as well as throughout the Israeli Jewish society as a whole.

It is a society that has come to view the Palestinians as “objects” rather than “human beings.” This is what makes Israeli soldiers so callously and so nonchalantly and haphazardly   murder innocent Palestinians in the streets, in schools, and playgrounds in Gaza.

This is what makes a prominent Israeli army general boast that he doesn’t feel the slightest feeling of guilt whenever he murders Palestinian kids.

In the final analysis, Israeli killers in Khaki don’t think in their heart of hearts that they are really killing real human beings, but rather infra-humans who are closer to being animals than to being human beings. This is how these murderers and child killers are taught in their schools, colleges, synagogues and Talmudic colleges, that non-Jews are not real human beings, and that their lives have no sanctity what so ever. Well, try to come to the West Bank and have a conversation with these so-called rabbis about the status of non-Jews according to Halacha. You will hear wonders.

This is certainly how this so called “soldier” was taught as a child, as student and later as an adult.

Like all abusers of  “goyem, ” Abergil has not been arrested or even detained for questioning by the army. Far from that, she might eventually be granted a citation for good behavior. E.g. For being a good Zionist.

Have we forgotten that Israeli army soldier, codenamed Captain R. who in 2004 murdered in cold blood a Palestinian school girl in Rafah,  Iman al Hams, and then shot the 12-year-old  dying child  20 more bullets to make sure that she was dead,  how he received more than $50,000 as compensation for having his reputation compromised as a result of international criticism?

Needless to say, the fact that Palestinian rights and dignity are trampled upon by the Israeli state is taken for granted by that evil entity, which mendaciously claims to represent the traditions of the ancient Israelite Prophets, when in fact what it represents has more in common with the ideas of  Adolph Hitler than with the teachings of Moses the son of Amram.

Alas, the Palestinians don’t have a powerful  state that would press or pressure Israel to uphold their human and legal rights, or at least stop killing them. This is why the Palestinians are more or less  the Jews in Nazi-occupied Europe. They can be killed and abused haphazardly by the Nazis of our time, without any real consequences.

Yes, when cases are publicized by international human rights organizations, such as  Amnesty International, the Israeli “justice system” moves to limit the damage by carrying a usually belated investigation. Some soldiers are arrested and sentenced to symbolic jail sentences. The soldiers are usually rebuked for doing the dirty act before “hostile cameras.” Interestingly, this problem, filming the dirty deed, has been resolved by having the soldiers’ and settlers’ faces masked. This is how the perpetrators get away with impunity.

The sexual abuse of Palestinians by Israeli soldiers, including female soldiers, is actually widespread.

A few years ago, a group of soldiers took a young Palestinian worker from the village of Khorsa near Hebron  to a small bush near Jerusalem. There one female soldier ordered the worker to touch her private parts, telling him that she would kill him if he didn’t heed the orders. The 19-year-old boy refused, risking the soldier’s wrath. Disappointed by the boy’s dignified behavior, the female soldier called in several male soldiers, telling them that the young boy was trying to rape her. Predictably, the soldiers ganged up on the innocent boy until he reached the point of death.

When the soldiers stopped torturing the boy, they warned him that they would kill him next time if he dared tell the police about what happened.

The Israeli occupation army, which is proudly called the Israeli Defense Forces, is indeed the people’s army. Well, it is also a sick and psychotic people’s army, an army without morality, without honor, and without basic human decency.

It is an army that is inculcated with the spirit of racism, depravity and criminality. Yes, for most Israelis, the Israeli army may be a sacred cow. However, when examined against true moral standards, it is any army of thugs, child-killers and common criminals. It is the kind of army where despicable psychopaths like Abegril fit perfectly.