• September 26, 2006
  • 9 minutes read

An Interview with Dr. M. S. Habeeb, the First Deputy Chairman of MB

An Interview with Dr. M. S. Habeeb, the First Deputy Chairman of MB

How do you evaluate the Zionist war on Lebanon?

First: The Zionist aggression on Lebanon was planned even before the military action of Hezbollah in the south; Hezbollah killed some Zionists and kidnapped two soldiers. This military action was just a justification for the barbaric aggression on Lebanon.

Second: The Zionists did not expect that the war would take a long time; this shows lack of intelligence in the Zionist army.

Third: The Lebanese resistance remained firm and steadfast before the aggression. The Zionists did not expect that the resistance might attack them, make them suffer from losses, or depreciate the military body (that is the basis of the state). The steadfastness of the resistance did affect the Zionist economy, tourism, and the increase of immigrants from Israel.
On the contrary, the Zionists waged barbaric attacks that destroyed the infrastructure and killed huge numbers of civilians. The Zionists aimed at instigating the Lebanese against the resistance, especially in that critical period, but they failed to do this, because the Lebanese backed and resisted along with the resistance and cared for the immigrants from the South.

Fourth: The stance of the Arab regimes and governments was shameful, because they first condemned Hezbollah saying that it was adventuring. This stance gave the Zionists a justification and cover for their atrocities. However, the people”s stance was very different from that of their regimes; the people went on demos- in spite of suppression- condemning the aggression and calling up on the governments to back the resistance.  
 Fifth: This war is considered a strategic and historic turning point in the Arab- Israeli conflict that will have its consequences on the future of the entire Arab and Islamic world… this war dignified the nation and made us feel that we are capable of resisting the army that claims to be undefeatable. 

What are the lessons to be learned from this war?

First: Among the greatest elements leading to victory are believing and confidence in Allah, self- reliance, better planning and preparation, and sticking to our supreme targets.

Second: it is necessary to better study the enemy”s strategies, realize its activities, movements, and changes in the infrastructure. It is also a must to be aware of the regional and international conditions. All these elements are necessary for victory.

Third: War is considered the ability to effectively manage all the political, economic, media, and military practices, and to select the proper time for attack and retreat… etc. 
Can a new vision for post- war period be founded?

I think that steadfastness and resistance of the aggressors could abort the New Middle East project sought by the American administration and the Zionist government. This project aims at eliminating the resistance to pave the way for the supremacy of the Zionist entity in politics, science, and military. There will be many discussions, studies, dialogues, and comprehensive evaluation of the Zionist bodies” performance in this period, also the Arab countries will witness studies and evaluations of this war, especially those who did not expect that this war would last for this long time and terminate in that way. This war will have consequences and effects on the region and the internal conditions of each country.

How do you evaluate the 1701 decision, can we reach an Islamic or Arab formula that serves the Arabs and Muslims, because of the international organization partiality?

The 1701 decision is unjust, because it granted the Zionists more than expected; it did not stipulate on the withdrawal from Sheb`a, but stipulated on the existence of the international forces inside the Lebanese land only, the Zionist aggression under the banner of self- defense, and the release of the two Zionist prisoners only ignoring the Lebanese prisoners inside the Zionist detentions.

As for the Arab or Islamic formula, it is improbable now, especially under the Arab and Islamic paralysis and the absence of the right political administration in the regimes, besides following the American administration.   

What is your opinion about the reasons of the victory and steadfastness of the resistance?

The reasons of this victory are:

First: They believe in the issue and that resistance is the only way to restore the land.

Second: The wise leadership that live with the soldiers and associate with their sufferings and pains.

Third: the Lebanese persisted and backed the resistance despite the killings and destruction. Fourth: Managing the war through the guerilla warfare and the effective usage of the weapons that exerted pressure on the Zionists. 

How do you see the settlement process in region after this war?

First: Any political decision depends on what the power can impose…the resistance persisted and was steadfast when resisting the Zionist aggression hindering it from attaining any military victory.

Second: The resistance helped increase and activate the Jihad and martyrdom culture in the Arab and Islamic world, consequently it will help the people exert pressure on their regimes to reject the American and Zionist hegemony in the region.

Third: The Zionist entity will go on the negotiations concerning the Palestinian issue and activate the interior forces to constrict Hamas” role, especially during the harsh and difficult economic and social conditions in Palestine.

Fourth: As for Lebanon, there will be an American and European movement to benefit from the contradictions within the country; (1) to deprive the resistance from the victory, (2) disarmament of Hezbollah.        

How do you evaluate the situation of Camp David agreement?

It is necessary to reconsider this agreement for the sake of Egypt and the Arab nation, because it led to the neutralization of Egypt to exclude it from the Arab- Israeli conflict, consequently the Zionist entity will invade every country separately. National and political forces in Egypt, especially the Muslim Brotherhood, call for the annulment and freezing of this agreement.

How do you see the accusation of both Syria and Iran of backing the war and that the resistance battled for them?

 The Lebanese resistance was purely patriotic battling for the people and the land in Lebanon. Was it necessary to let the Zionists invade Lebanon as happened before in order not for Syria and Iran to be accused?! The Zio- American project aims at demolishing Syria and Iran, because they are both standing against the American project. We shall not forget the “New Middle East” project- sought by America and the Zionists- that aims at wiping the resistance out in Palestine, Lebanon, or Iraq to pave the way for the scientific, technical, and military dominance of the Zionist over the region.

How do you see the future of the region, especially the disarmament of the resistance?

Possessing weapons is the only guarantee to face and resist enemies that understand nothing but the language of power… the enemy is using all the international, local, and regional pressure means to disarm the resistance!

Many people expected a civil war or seditions in Lebanon, What is the message you want to send to the Lebanese people and resistance in order not to have such seditions?

Your steadfastness and resistance in the war are a vivid example for those who seek freedom… we hope this unity will go on to have a stable, prosperous, and secure Lebanon. I see that the disarmament of Hezbollah shall be delayed till intensifying the Lebanese army to be capable of facing and resisting the Zionists, because these weapons will never threaten the people; the weapons are not for political gains, that is why the 2000 victory was presented to the Lebanese. All the argumentations arose about the disarmament is for the sake of the Zionists and the western project only to wipe out any resistance. 
What do you want to tell the resistance and Hasan Nasrollah?

I want to say that you made us honored, because of your steadfast resistance. Your resistance was not only for Lebanon, but for the entire Ummah. You sacrificed in an unforgettable way in the history… we ask Allah to reward you for it in the World and the Hereafter. The nation should be happy with you, because you are really an honor for Islam and Muslims.