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  • August 5, 2006
  • 4 minutes read

An open letter to any open mind

An open letter to any open mind
some questions to your

What would stop the War in the Lebanon
Disarming Hezbollah or rather the dismantling  of Israel ??
What would bring back the Peace and Normality to Iraq
George’s imported-instant-democracy or rather reinstalling the Baath-Party ??
What would end up the Heroin-trade from Afghanistan
The Western interference & occupation
or the return of the Taliban’s rule  ??
What would help more the democracy in Egypt
the perpetuation of the Mubarak-Dynasty
or a clean multiple-party-system ??
What would bring final-Peace to the Near East
The ethnic-cleansing from all the Palestinian population
or the repatriation of all those imported-Israelis  ??
What would bring true-democracy to Syria
Isolating and demonising the regime and the nation
or  rather nursing a popular awareness ??
What would make Oil cheaper for the Western-world
17 dictators selling it for a personal profit
or 17 democratic-regimes  doing it for national-profit ??
What would make Iran a lesser regional power
Calling Israel as the only democracy
or to stop calling Hezbollah as  Terrorist  ??
What would make Israel stop its invasion of Lebanon
The return of those two soldiers or the Waters of the Litany River ??
What would it take for the West to realise
that Crusades and Colonialism  are past-evils ??
How about more Terrorism or simply more Zionism ,
as  examples  thereof ??
Must we all also become Terrorists ?? ,
in order to get our Message of Peace and Civilisation
would they  not , otherwise ,  listen  ??
Must all 4 million Lebanese become also  Hezbollah-members ??
in order to allow Israel’s dream not to stretch
but to fade away .
Must all Palestinians also join Hamas  , enabling Israel to finish-up its massacres behind that Wall ??
Must more Katyousha’s and more Suicide-bombers follow
in order to prove that Israel is the most unsafe
place on this Planet,  for any Jew ??
Must we all die , so that they can live ??
Raja Chemayel
August 5th.2006