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  • November 20, 2005
  • 2 minutes read

An urgent plea to The Interior Secretary of State

An urgent plea to The Interior Secretary of  State
 Police cars are patrolling Bab Sharqi Region (Alex) including a private red Volvo  with Cairo number plate 694442 driven by a police officer in his official uniform who went to Memphis Prep Girls School in Al-Ibrahimiya and met with 10 thugs wearing white T-shirts with the MB slogan of  “Islam is the Solution” and handed a stack of heavy sticks to these thugs who were waiting for him there. This polling station witnesses the competition between the NDP candidate and Mr Sabri Abo Al Fottoh, the MB candidate contesting over the Labours & Farmer’s seat. Also noticed the heavy presence of the thugs at the Municipality Car Park, Al-Orwah Al-Wothqa School, Memphis School and at the rest of polling stations in the Bab-Sharqi Constituency.
At present a formal complaint is being lodged at the Sherrif of Bab-Sharqi Police District informing him of his direct responsibilities to what is currently happening of breaches and criminal activities under the guise and full protection of his police forces. The complaint also demands the immediate stop of all police illegal thuggery and violent actions which will lead to the death of many honest people in Alexandria who merely went to polling stations in order to peaceful cast their votes in order to bring about required changes and for democracy, peace and prosperity to prevail. They also stated in the complaint report that what is taking place currently of violence and breaches and humiliating scenes against ordinary Alexandrian citizens is simply hindering the reform process, against civil liberties and democracy. Therefore  we the ordinary residents of Alexandria appeal to your Excellency to stop these ridiculous and shameful acts of violence directed towards peaceful and law abiding citizens, otherwise their could result a catastrophe in Alex whereby no body knows where it ends and where will it lead to except Almighty Allah.
N.B, Coloniel Zaki Salah, the Sherrif of Bab-Sharqi District and Walead Muslim, the Intelegent Officer refused to register the complaint which Mr Saber Abo Al-Fotoh, the MB candidate was trying to file this morning.