Analysis of BBC Panorama “Death on the Med” exposes blatant pro-Israel bias

Analysis of BBC Panorama “Death on the Med” exposes blatant pro-Israel bias
Ted Clement-Evans introduces a detailed and forensic-like analysis of the transcript of the BBC Panorama programme “Death on the Med”, broadcast on 16 August 2010, which reveals chronic bias and lack of impartiality on the part of the BBC.

An extraordinary document has been sent to the BBC – a carefully detailed and forensic-like analysis of the transcript of the Panorama programme “Death on the Med”, broadcast on 16 August 2010.

Below is the transcript of this programme, together with the resulting dissection and complaint of bias and lack of impartiality which is now in the hands of the BBC.

The complaint vindicates all earlier complaints of bias on the part of the BBC. This bias is so consistent and now blatant as to make the BBC guilty of fraud and deception. It has beguiled the British public, its media and establishment into believing that there is not much wrong with the behaviour of the State of Israel that is not justified by the misbehaviour of Hamas.

Evidence of Israeli misbehaviour is so well documented but the fact that it passes largely unnoticed by the British public can only be attributed to the skill of Israeli propagandists, to a large extent aided and abetted by the BBC.

It is now time – at this crucial period in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict – that Israel be made to see that it is in its own best interest for there to be a fair and just solution. Presently, it can flout with impunity 65 UN resolutions, decisions of the International Court of Justice, the condemnation of every humanitarian organization that is involved with Palestine, and it can destroy neighbouring infrastructure, as in Lebanon and in Gaza, at will.

The Palestinian Authority initially wished to have Fundamental Principles established, such as an acceptance that a future Palestinian state should be based on the 1967 borders and an end to the expansion of illegal settlements, before they would enter into peace talks.

Israel refused and is now thrilled with the notion of direct negotiations, without preconditions, between occupier and occupied. Israel holds all the power and all the cards and it can dictate what it wants in “direct, bilateral negotiations”. The problem is how to get a modicum of Palestinian rights – the Quartet has even backed down on the simple demand of “suspending settlement activities”, itself a retreat from the road map which required dismantling of all that was built illegally since 2002.

With its present ascendancy Israel will ride roughshod over the Palestinian Authority – this will result in a peace which is neither fair nor just, if any at all. To rectify this the UK must assist in creating a level playing field, namely:

1. By implementing and extending the boycott, divestment and sanctions policies already supported by many trade unions across the world, by the recent Methodist Conference decision and by so many individuals.

2. By calling for the resignation of the BBC’s director-general, Mark Thompson, for the BBC’s long standing manipulation of UK viewers and listeners.

3. By calling for the resignation, each from his position as patron to the Jewish National Fund, of David Cameron, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair. This “charity” has always been and continues to be instrumental in the colonization of Palestine and the expropriation of Palestinian land.

4. By calling upon all MPs who do so to cease proclaiming themselves “Friends of Israel” – and thus withdraw their moral support of what is by any standard a terrorist state, as now finally nailed down and proven to the world by its attack upon the Mavi Marmara.

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