Analysts believe top NDP members behind Gamal’s support campaign

Analysts believe top NDP members behind Gamal’s support campaign

The drive was initiated in the belief that Mubarak junior’s visits to slums and poorer areas could lead to support by a majority of the Egyptians who live in poverty and view him as a possible candidate or a continuation of the President’s ideology.

The old guard however appears apprehensive raising doubts of his aptness in assuming the role of his father.  

Kordy, the campaign’s organizer, has claimed that 4,000 Egyptians have joined his coalition. He explained that the drive was initiated since  he was not impressed by opposition candidates adding that he is acting independently and without the support of Mubarak’s ruling National Democratic Party. No contact has been made with Gamal and he insists he will only speak to Gamal after collecting enough voices to force him to run in the elections.

NAC coordinator Hassan Nafaa remains skeptical stressing that despite allegations the campaign could well be arranged by top NDP members. He added “I don’t think anyone would volunteer in a campaign supporting Gamal Mubarak. There must be something cooked by the NDP amidst the growing mystery over their party’s next presidential candidate“.

In a related issue the Muslim Brotherhood and NAC have coordinated an online petition calling for political reform and constitutional amendments in an attempt to pressure the regime to relax regulatory restrictions for presidential candidacy. Over 252, 000 signatures have been collected alone by the MB site’s petition which was initiated by the group’s chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie.