And Nour will stay in Jail for a long time

And Nour will stay in Jail for a long time

Ayman Nour will stay in jail for a long time as it seems , some one does not know want him back free to the political arena very soon. Just from couple of days , a key witness in Ayman Nour”s case , the primary eye witness who sent him by his testimony to jail was found dead in his cell at prison

The interior ministry said that he committed Suicide , that is the official statement the government is promoting

Before we go to any details ,I think I told you before there is a gap  between the people and the regime in Egypt and that we do not believe easily their official statements especially when it concern political opponents and leaders with popularity like Ayman Nour and MB

As soon as it was announced on the net that Ayman Ismail ,the key eye witness was found dead in his cell as a result of suicide ,the Internet was full of conspiracy theories . Well actually it is one logical conspiracy theory that the regime got rid from Ismail

Why is it a logical conspiracy theory ??

For those reasons

Ayman Ismail”s testimony was the one which sent him behind bars
Ayman Ismail wanted to change his testimony in the favor of Nour in the last months but the court refused to include the new testimony that could have proved the innocence of Nour in the case since last August
The fact that he is a Muslim and Muslim people do not usually commit suicide ,as the suicide is a sin in Islam ,huge sin who does it will stay forever in Hell and is considered as infidel, the thing that his family denied so much
The fact that late Ismail was staying the execution section in jail , yes , despite he was only staying in Jail for 5 years , he was put in the execution section with those who are going to be executed wearing the same red suite like them , of course you can imagine how he felt ,still there was hope
Why staying in the execution section in jail is so significant well according to reports the  cells in this section are emptied from all the substances and materials the inmates can use to end their lives by themselves so how Ismail who was only going to stay 5 years succeeded !!
According to his inmates in the cell ,he was not complaining from anything despite the harassments from other inmates , he watched the TV with them , then they went to sleep , when they woke up they found him hanged in the cell , they are three by the way
Those three were sleeping and did not feel anything or any noise or move would make in a cell I do not think is too big  that they could hear or feel anything
The way the police said that he had hanged himself with is not logical to me ,first of all there are two versions , one says that he killed him by the sheets of his bed and another one say that he killed him by his clothes not to mention that the window that supposedly he tied that cloth in as rope is only 170 cm high where as Ismail is 172 Cm tall which according to Ayman Nour himself is impossible possible to conceive the possibility of strangling, which causes a fracture in the neck vertebra due to the equivalence of the body weight to the energy of the fall “scientific proof” !!
Ayman Nour and the family of Ismail believe and are saying that he was slaughtered to make him shut up forever

of course these are the reasons that make you think twice before buying the official stories , still they are not the reasons that made many people believe that Ismail was slaughtered

The main reason is that most people know that regime wants Ayman Nour to stay the longest possible time behind the bars to secure the way for Gamal Mubarak to rule

Ayman Nour is a very powerful competitor , has a popularity that  went up after his prison as people began to see him as a victim for cruel regime that does not want any rivals or competitors from any kind

The West likes Nour ,he is liberal ,moderate and secular , also he is a civilian who is respected by many sectors in Egypt and it is enough to know about the pressures from outside to release Nour to be sure that he is respected from abroad

The court refused to release Nour in last August for medical conditions ,as he is suffering from diabetes ,in regular conditions that would be an easy thing but he suffered a lot whether from his legs or eyes or his hearts

If you understand how critical those next 6 months are for GM ,you will know why Nour and also the rest of MB members are in jails now and they will not be released except after long time