‘And tomorrow the sun of freedom will rise.’

‘And tomorrow the sun of freedom will rise.’

The tenth anniversary of the military coup against the democratic path – which was established by the January revolution – is different this year from previous years. The coup project is witnessing increasing failure every day, and its dimensions are becoming clearer with each hour it tries to survive. After the artificial popular facade with sweet talk was exposed, the deception collapsed, and everyone woke up to the painful truths. They are now face-to-face with dangers that threaten their present and future, striking the Egyptian national security dead, after Egypt lived its worst states from the closure of public space, the dredging of politics, the reduction of the role of institutions in favour of the individual despot, erasing the features of the Egyptian personality and distorting the image of religion and total economic collapse, shutting off life’s outlets on the living.

Today, we are facing a clear change in the Egyptian public opinion towards this coup project, which was sponsored regionally and internationally, then soon became a burden on its supporters after exhausting its reasons for existence, and its failure to achieve a single success that achieves the goals of those who pushed it to power. These will be accompanied by disappointment and they will bite their fingers in regret when the people hold the reins of government again.

The realities of the situation confirm that the coup today is bare except from that media and political elite whose fate is linked to its fate, its future to its future, and its survival to its survival. They have and are making every effort to flood the media field with hundreds of shallow articles, writings and empty statements, in a desperate attempt to sprout life from a land without crops or water. The Egyptian street has become fully aware of their crimes, and they no longer have any hope of a dignified return to the conscience of the people and to the embrace of the homeland.

Years have passed during which that sturdy mountain – the martyred president Dr. Mohamed Morsi – considered his life cheap, standing steadfast and mindful, he did not waste and did not betray, eager not to extinguish the hope in the hearts of millions of his people if they saw him give up their rights, or squander their future, or barter a cheap life for the dignity of his people and the honor of his nation.

The Muslim Brotherhood walked on their path both inside and outside prisons, along with all those who are faithful to their homeland and loyal to the January revolution. They made valuable sacrifices and gave their lives and ages cheaply; for the liberation of the people from the yoke of despotism, the pits of failure and the slaughterhouses of shame, so they held on to the truth and did not falter, their resolve did not weaken, and their forehead did not bow except to Allah, “So they did not weaken to what hit them in the way of Allah,  and they did not weaken and did not surrender” Aal Imran: 146. They did not accept the mundane in their religion or their homeland, and they did not give up the right of the martyrs, or the right of their people to a dignified life and complete freedom without any reduction in choosing who governs them.

As the Muslim Brotherhood celebrates the steadfastness of the heroes in the coup prisons, it makes every effort to rescue them through continuous legal and media mobilization, and tireless efforts to raise the public awareness, and renews its call to all the sincere sons of this homeland to unite efforts; to rescue the homeland from the clutches of despotism and dependency.

Today, after ten years of the coup – and despite all the crimes that have been committed – we are observing increasing public awareness, pushing hope for the imminent end of this brutal coup; heralding the return of the people – with the help of Allah – to their rightful place, as leaders and teachers, possessing their will and decision, choosing their rulers, and revelling in the freedom for which they sacrificed, "And they say: When is it? Say: Perhaps it will be soon" Al-Isra: 51. 

Allah is the greatest and all praise is due to Him. 

Dr. Mahmoud Hussein

Acting General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood

Monday, 15th of Dhul Qa'dah 1444 AH corresponding to July 3, 2023 CE.