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  • August 9, 2010
  • 3 minutes read

ANHRI condemns arrest of MB involved in collecting signatures

ANHRI condemns arrest of MB involved in collecting signatures

A statement issued by the Arab Network for Human Rights Information in which “Ikhwanweb” received a copy stated that it was dismayed by the upsurge of despotism, and the flagrant lack of respect for the civil liberties of individual citizens condemning the unlawful arrest and detention of 15 members of the Muslim Brotherhood members and leaders in Alexandria

The organization stressed that it strongly detests the arrest and subsequent detention of the peaceful group who were involved in raising awareness and collecting signatures for the online petition on the MB website launched by MB chairman Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei in support of the proposal for constitutional amendments and political reform. It described the arrests as being in violation of their constitutional and inalienable rights as citizens of Egypt.

The organization ascertained that the choice of tyranny by the Mubarak-regime as opposed to the tenets of participatory democracy under a so-called constitutional rule is tantamount to a mockery of democratic values.

It expressed its concern over the baseless arrest and detention of the group and invasion of their privacy in their home, stressing that it evidently establishes the basis of political bankruptcy

It finally condemned in the strongest possible terms the uncivilized act by the authorities demanding their immediate release