ANHRI condemns gov’t restrictions on freedom of expression

ANHRI condemns gov’t restrictions on freedom of expression

Deep resentment was expressed by The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information condemning the successive decisions restricting media freedoms in Egypt prior to the forthcoming public elections.

The recent decision by the NileSat administration to close down four satellite TV channels  including ElNas, AlHafez, Asseha wa AlGamal and Kalijyia and issued a warning to ONTV and AlFaraeen was criticised by the organization.

The ANHRI accused the regime of bluntly silencing all independent media describing it as steps taken to guarantee the clear path of absolute loyalty to the government or absolute silence.

In a statement The Arabic Network ascertained that,

The government has gone hysterical over limiting freedom of expression. It is a drastic retreat to the days before 2005 when the calls for the long missed democracy and reforms started. Hundreds of bloggers and journalists paid dearly for their call as well as thousand of activists who were jailed or tortured. The steps achieved were no grant from the government or had their blessings”.

The crackdown so far has been viewed as the most aggressive of the Egyptian government actions targeting and inhibiting freedom of expression. The restrictions have been led by numerous ministries including ministries of interior, information and communications, TRA, and General investment authority and opposition imposters.

According to The Arabic Network the recent incidents shows clearly the government’s plan to control all media outlets before the parliamentary  elections slated for  November ,2010 which will ready the path to the presidential elections in 2011.

The network highlighted that the current actions by the regime definitely puts media freedoms to an indefinite halt. It called on all those honest and concerned with democracy work to preserve and protect freedoms in Egypt.