ANHRI Sharply Criticizes Arresting Internet Activists In Egypt

ANHRI Sharply Criticizes Arresting Internet Activists In Egypt

The Arab Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) has sharply criticized the fierce campaign launched by the security forces against Egyptian bloggers.

Egyptian security forces arrested many internet bloggers; they captured Abdul Tawwab Mahmoud Abdul Tawwab composer of ( and Khalifa Ebeid composer of Ana Mathoun (I am ground) from Faiyum.

This campaign hit three bloggers and still chases other three. Security expelled another blogger from the university hostel.

The ANHRI stated “arresting bloggers has been expected since the inexistence of justice during investigations with bloggers who belong to the Brotherhood. Most ironically, those bloggers were detained on charges of “taking the advantage of the democratic atmosphere in the country to oust the current regime”. This is a quite new charge to be added to the usual charges list which is adopted by the Egyptian regime to persecute the opposers since the 1950s.”

The ANHRI”s Unit of Legal Support for Opinion and Expression Freedom said “Some of those bloggers were arrested due to participating in the Anti-Gaza Siege Campaign while other were abducted for showing solidarity with detained bloggers at Sannouras of Faiyum,” and stressed that who passed arrest warrants against the innocent blogger should be incriminated.

So far, the Anti-bloggers campaign launched by the security apparatus arrested Mohamed Khairi, Abdul Tawwab Mahmoud, and Khalifa Ebeid, still looking for Mohamed Adel, Belal Alaa, Hosam Yahia, and denied the right of Ahmad Abdul Qawi in the university hostel.