Anna Condemns Irregularities Marred the Egyptian polls

Anna Condemns Irregularities Marred the Egyptian polls
By Salah Bedawy  
Diplomatic sources voiced concern about U.N. General Secretary’s statements, in which he called on the Egyptian government to allow voters giving ballots. Anna’s releases seem to internationalize the contraventions which scarred the parliamentary vote; a step that may make the vote results as internationally unrecognizable and may speed up further pressures on the ruling system to apply real democracy.
Anna expressed his hope that the government would preserve transparency and integrity of the vote. He, in addition, convoyed his concern over the reported blockage of voters. Anna’s statements are unprecedented but coincide with claims of some Muslim Brotherhood’s nominees such as Gamal Hashemite that they will seek U.N. investigations into ballot rigging, if their rights were locally denied.
Hashemite threatened to refer his case to the International Justice Court, if necessary. This kind of bargain with the government is unfamiliar in Egypt. However, some journalists alluded to take such measure after increasing security harassment.
For observers, these calls reflect the profound dilemma in which security bodies stuck themselves after their negative practices in the course of the vote.