• May 23, 2007

Another 15 Days Detention To Blogger Monem

Another 15 Days Detention To Blogger Monem

Abdul Moneim Mahmoud and other students jailed pending the case of the Agricultural Institute appeared before the Nasr City-based state security prosecution which ordered their detentions prolonged for 15 days pending trial .
The students who are detained in Mahkum prison have been moved earlier to Torah farm prison following their food strike because they faced harassments from criminal prisoners and because Mahkum lacks the appropriate conditions for studying.  However, Abd Al-Moneim and the students detained with him have been denied this request of moving from the Mahkum to Torah priso.
Lawyer Islam Lotfi confirmed to Ikhwanweb that Abd Al-Moneim Mahmoud and the other group of students have received more 15 days in jail pending trial .
“We are facing an unjustified inflexibility from the prison administration regarding giving books to Abd Al-Moneim who is to do his exams in a media diploma in the Faculty of Information” said Islam.
“We tried on Monday to give him books so as to study before the exams, but the administration refused to allow any book to him”.

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FREE MONEIM!!! الحرية لمنعم... يسقط مبارك

[Above: Moneim and his fellow detainees at the State Security Prosecutor’s office, in el-Tagammu el-Khames, Nasr City. Photos courtesy of Ikhwan Web, taken on 22 May 2007.]

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