Another PA betrayal

Another PA betrayal

The Palestinian Authority (PA) decision to defer  until March a vote on the “Goldstone report” at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva constitutes a huge betrayal of Palestinian people.

Likewise, the stupid and disgraceful feat immensely serves  the Israeli goal of covering up the Nazi-like crimes the Israeli occupation army committed during its manifestly criminal war on the Gaza Strip nine months ago.

Endorsement of the report by UNHRC would probably  have paved the way for the prosecution of Israeli war criminals before  the International Criminal Court (ICC) as well as  International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague.

The PA has given a plethora of  mostly  mendacious pretexts to justify the scandalous act which numerous Palestinians, ordinary people as well as intellectuals, have described as an expression of national treason.

To be sure, the Palestinians had  on their side a solid majority of  33-35 member-states out of the 47-member council, which means the Goldstone commission report could have been  easily endorsed by the UNHRC and referred to ICC or ICJ.

Hence, the only real interpretation of the  PA decision to delay a vote on the report is that the Ramallah regime wanted only  to appease Israel and the  Obama administration irrespective of the disastrous effects and ramifications on the Palestinian cause, especially on  the unwept victims of Israeli war crimes in the Gaza Strip.

Well, if Israel can get away with murdering 1300 Palestinians and  utterly destroying half of Gaza, the next holocaust would probably assume European proportions. After all, the world can’t be more Palestinian than the Palestinians themselves.

Prior to the decision, there were reports that President Obama personally intervened behind the scenes, asking the PA leadership to stop pushing for the endorsement of the report since according to him  doing so would undermine “diplomatic efforts.”

Similarly, another report suggested  that the PA had reached  a deal with Israel whereby the apartheid  Zionist regime agreed to  license a business venture partially owned by wealthy businessmen linked to the PA  in return for the latter  agreeing to defer discussion of the Goldstone report at the UNHRC.

The PA ambassador to the UN in Geneva, Ibrahim Khreishi, was quoted as saying that the Palestinian leadership was interested in a “compromise text.”

“It will help us explain to the Israelis that the international community is with the Palestinians to achieve their hopes and dreams.”

What a stupidity! After more than 42 years of a criminal military occupation, do we still have  to explain our suffering to the Israelis?

 Does Mr. Khreishi really   think that all the Israelis needed  to desist from their Nazi-like crimes against our people was just a “convincing explanation”?

Does the PLO ambassador  think a “compromise text” would make the despicable thugs and  war criminals in Tel Aviv reconsider their criminal approach  vis-à-vis the Palestinians?

And what does a “compromise text” mean anyway? Did Israel not commit war crimes and crimes against humanity knowingly, willfully and deliberately against innocent people in Gaza?

 Didn’t Israel rain death, using state-of-the-art of the American technology of death, on unprotected civilian neighborhoods, killing and maiming thousands of innocent men, women and children?

Didn’t Israel rain white phosphorous on large parts of Gaza, incinerating innocent life all over the coastal territory?

Didn’t Israel knowingly and deliberately rain bombs from high altitudes on homes, mosques, colleges, hospitals and schools all over Gaza?

So, how could any human being with any semblance of honesty and morality try to make these crimes look less nefarious and less satanic by agreeing to adopting a  “compromise text”?

Of all people in the world, we Palestinians must call the spade a spade especially when we see that proverbial spade in the hands of our grave diggers,  tormentors and child killers.

The Judeo-Nazi army, navy and air force  murdered our people en mass in Gaza and the West Bank. They committed their horrendous crimes in broad daylight and  in full view of the entire world.

There were no extenuating circumstances or controversial accounts of what really happened. The so-called “Qassam rockets” are largely a red-herring and shouldn’t be used in the same phrase with the horrendous Israeli machine of death since the enormity and deadliness in both cases are totally incomparable.

And above all, the person who prepared the report, Richard Goldstone, is a Jew, actually a Zionist Jew, who would never overplay  and exaggerate  these war crimes against a virtually completely unprotected people whose very physical survival  has always depended and continues to depend  on the good will of the international community.

Hence, the Palestinian people, the longest-lasting victims of genocidal racism,  and the entire free world around us would like to know what is it that makes  the Palestinian leadership in Ramallah and its disoriented  ambassador in Geneva cringe so submissively in the face of Zionist pressure?

Don’t you people have any modicum of honor and  national dignity? After all, we are talking about real crimes and hundreds of children mercilessly murdered by the army of  these thuggish Zionist spokespersons who are now shamelessly bragging about swaying the PA ambassador into helping  the Israeli propaganda cause.

Nevertheless, it is probably unfair to pin all the blame on Khreishi, a mere functionary who  had to heed the stupid  instructions from Ramallah.

True, Khreishi should have resigned  rather than be part to an ignominious act of national betrayal. But the ultimate villain is, of course,  the Palestinian judenrat in Ramallah which has become inured to  sacrificing  Palestinian national interests for the sake of appeasing Israel and pleasing  the Obama administration in the hope of getting a “payoff” of some kind.

Interestingly, however,  the “payoff” given to the PA   that we have seen so far  is in the form of more Jewish settlement expansion in the West Bank, more Jewish provocations at the Al-Aqsa Mosque esplanade, and more Jewish violence and terror against unprotected Palestinian citizens in both the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

As to the Obama administration, It, too, has been “rewarding” the PA for its perfidy and betrayal of its own people by turning a blind eye to Israeli settlement expansion and by insisting that the PA resume talks with the arrogant government of Benyamin Netanyahu without any preconditions.

Well, people who don’t respect themselves don’t deserve respect from others. More over, an authority  that  torments, tortures and kills its own citizens in order to please the Israeli occupier and obtain from it a certificate of good conduct is utterly  unqualified to be a true representative of the Palestinian people.

Finally,  it is probably safe to assume that the PA dreads a thorough discussion of the Goldstone report as much as Israel does.

According to certain sources, the PA had consistently urged Israel to pursue the criminal war on the Gaza Strip to the end.

 Israel is also believed to possess damning evidence showing some  PA officials pleading with  Israel to keep up the war on Gaza in order to crush Hamas.

Hence, it is highly likely that the PA has found itself in  an exceedingly embarrassing situation, which explains why it  doesn’t want to see a public discussion of the Goldstone report take place anytime soon as this would reveal many shocking  and embarrassing secrets about  PA connivance  with Israel in carrying out the Nazi-like onslaught on the Gaza Strip.