Another Palestinian prisoner dies of medical neglect in Israeli jails

Another Palestinian prisoner dies of medical neglect in Israeli jails

A Palestinian prisoner called Fadi Abu Al-Rub died Friday night due to the policy of deliberate medical neglect adopted by the Israeli prisons authority (IPA) against Palestinian detainees, where hundreds of them are in need of urgent medical treatment.

The website of the Hebrew daily Yediot Ahronot quoted the IPA as saying that the Palestinian prisoner, who died in the Israeli Jalbo prison to the north of occupied lands occupied in 1948, had informed the prison administration about his serious deteriorating health, but they ignored him.

The IOA is holding more than 11,550 Palestinian prisoners in its jails under harsh psychological and physical conditions. They are deprived of basic human rights; besides, it has escalated recently its indiscriminate arrests against the Palestinian people.

With the death of prisoner Abu Al-Rub, the death toll of Palestinian prisoners who have died inside Israeli jails since 1967 rose to 193 victims, according to a statistical report issued by the ministry of detainees and ex-detainees in the caretaker government.

The report explained that 145 Palestinian prisoners died after being exposed to severe torture, being shot directly or murdered deliberately by Israeli jailers and 48 of them died because of intentional medical neglect, adding that hundreds of Palestinian prisoners are either disabled or suffer from serious chronic diseases such as cancer and kidney failure, and unable to get appropriate medical treatment.

The ministry charged that the Israeli practices of depriving imprisoned patients of getting treatment or blackmailing them into collaborating with the Israeli intelligence in exchange for treatment were “a flagrant violation of all norms, ethics and international conventions.”