• October 22, 2014
  • 3 minutes read

Anti-Coup Alexandria Student Death Triggers Wide Protests On Campus

Anti-Coup Alexandria Student Death Triggers Wide Protests On Campus

Omar Abdel-Wahab Al-Sharif was an Engineering student at Alexandria University. Wounded last Tuesday (October 14), he died of wounds sustained in the storming by junta security forces of the university where he was shot and injured with birdshot in the eye and head.

Several demonstrations were launched at Alexandria University and a number of other Egyptian universities, including Al-Azhar and Beni Suef University (central Egypt). Protesters held the ministry of interior fully responsible for the death of the first martyr of the student movement in the academic year that has just started.

Ahmed Nassef, spokesman for the anti-coup student movement, said: "Today, yet another member of the student movement joins the caravan of martyrs, more than 209 student movement members who were killed last year. The martyr Omar Abdel-Wahab Al-Sharif died having been shot and wounded on campus, to bear witness to the bloody brutality of this murderous regime which we can never accept for a single moment.

"Omar is a martyr who reminds us to exact retribution for the blood of our murdered colleagues and the thousands of martyrs who were killed by the army and the police since January 25 (2011) until now. His death reminds us of the goals of our Revolution, which the military is trying to steal."

Nassef went on: "Omar was a university student who planned for himself a bright future where freedom and social justice are real. But he became certain that this was not possible under military rule and the junta who does not know the meaning of freedom or social justice, and knows nothing but oppression and murder. So, he sacrificed himself in order that we all should live free.

"We will unswervingly continue our student protest action until we realize Omar’s dream and achieve retribution from all those criminals involved in the barbaric attempt to suppress the student movement."