• May 28, 2014
  • 5 minutes read

Anti-Coup Alliance Applauds Continued Success of Blood Ballot Boycott

Anti-Coup Alliance Applauds Continued Success of Blood Ballot Boycott

 Once again, the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance hails the Egyptian people for their patriotism and political awareness – especially youths, as they shunned the illegal presidential elections for the second day running, achieving a worthy success in the Battle of blood ballots.

Undoubtedly, the successful boycott is an unprecedented popular punishment for the military coup regime and all its repressive measures, injustice, corruption and tragic actions taken throughout the past months.

The Egyptian people have brought down the curtain on this farcical soap opera before the end, leaving the actors, the
extras and the media circus alone behind the scenes. We can clearly hear them scream: how to get out of the crises?

Some have chosen to disrupt work and force workers to take a day off, while others encourage breaking the law by opening poll stations to any one who cares to cast a vote.

Others have decided to extend voting for a third day to save what can be saved; yet some demand checking workers’ fingers to make sure they have voted. Yet again some have threatened to double an unconstitutional fine imposed by the putschists’ regime on those who do not turn out to vote.

Evidently, the heinous putschists have lost their collective mind as these noble patriotic people of Egypt rejected injustice and refused all alternatives to freedom and dignity.

In order to hide their utter failure, limited numbers of their supporters gathered near a few polling stations and did some absurd dancing and singing to send a message to the whole world – that the people of Egypt are a nation of dancers.

Ultimately, the Egyptian people have won all battles against the coup. It is now only a matter of time before the murderous traitors surrender and withdraw from the scene – through the rear doors – as revolutionary action continues … until final and complete victory is achieved.

Certainly, the Egyptian people have great confidence in the January 25 Revolution and the ongoing peaceful defiance action defending the Revolution and its gains for more than ten months now. It is vital for everyone to realize that this is a defining moment in which we all have to rally behind revolutionaries, who must once again unite. We all must shun falsehood. The truth is clear. The putschists will not be able to legitimize their illegitimate coup, even with more fraud and tricks.

The Revolution will go forth from strength to strength. Let the blood ballot boycott continue; let their polling stations remain empty. Egypt does have a legitimate elected President.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: May 27, 2014