• September 24, 2016
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Anti-Coup Alliance Calls “Poor’s Right” Peaceful Protest Week

Anti-Coup Alliance Calls “Poor’s Right” Peaceful Protest Week

With the escalation of the suffering of the Egyptian people in general, and the poor and destitute in particular, due to absurdly rising prices, deterioration of services, increasing unemployment and the expansion of repression and violation of people’s dignity, and as preparations for a new popular revolt on November 11, the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance calls on all Egyptians to participate actively and positively in this day of rage against repression, in preparation for the full fury in January.

The poor sons and daughters of Egypt live in a world of worries, and die of starvation, deadly diseases or drowned in the sea as they try to travel in search of way to earn a living, while the traitorous Sisi regime lives in another world altogether, and seeks to install the pillars of his military coup, with all treachery, effrontery and incitement, with nothing new to say, except repeats of worn-out phrases about terrorism, although the Sisi is nothing but terrorist and his coup regime is the most murderous.

To all Egyptians…

Look rationally at the deteriorating situation with all the economical, political, tourist and water crises. Use your heads not your hearts as you consider the present and the future of Egypt. There is no alternative to legitimate anger in protests to demand and protect your rights and the rights of the homeland.

Let us agree and work to support the January 2011 Revolution and its demands. Let us work together in a real partnership to achieve for Egypt development, justice, dignity and freedom. The solution of Egypt’s crisis lies in the breaking of the coup and understanding the mechanisms of change and construction.

Put aside all differences, and raise above all that disrupts the march for unity in order to change Egypt for the better.

For more than 3 years, you have moved between liberty squares, prisons and exiles. Come together, unite and think, talk and rise in rage as one against the traitor who hijacked the homeland and the people… the usurper of freedoms and dignity.

Think of new ideas and perspectives that saves Egyptians’ souls, rights and will. Do not forget the rights of the martyrs and the liberation of detainees from military coup dungeons. Everyone has to move in protest activities from the provinces to Cairo.

All this in a framework that protects lives and prepares for the poor’s day of anger and the great revolt in January, which must be made available to the media as the people, the poor and the oppressed rise to victory.

Victory for the January 2011 Revolution

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

The revolutionary wave "Leave"

Thursday – September 22, 2016