• December 11, 2015
  • 5 minutes read

Anti-Coup Alliance Calls ‘Rise for Dignity’ Week of Revolutionary Protests

Anti-Coup Alliance Calls ‘Rise for Dignity’ Week of Revolutionary Protests
To the great patriotic Egyptian people…

This is your Revolution exhorting you: Come out for the pride, dignity and freedom wrenched back to you by your January 2011 Revolution and rapidly taken away once again by the counter-revolution. Come out, to get rid of hunger, poverty, deprivation, unemployment and misery. Come, to take back your homeland from the criminal junta that considers Egypt its exclusive property and has done so for over 60 years, like handed down inheritance. Recover your popular will so brutally trampled by the junta after the January 2011 Revolution reclaimed it in the long lines where you eagerly stood to cast your votes freely in six democratic transparent elections.

The Revolution is your power and pride. Partake actively and join the march. It will not stop until it fully achieves all its goals, all for your benefit. Resist the despair the military junta wants to plant in your hearts and minds to keep you away from the path of resistance, frightening you with costs and consequences, so they remain in their positions, in full control of the country’s resources.

We invite you to participate in a new revolutionary week entitled "Rise for Dignity" within the revolutionary wave extending until January 25, 2016 entitled Revolution Until Victory.

Are you content with your crisis-fraught lives? Are you happy with humiliation, extrajudicial killings and lynching of peaceful citizens by the putschists’ police? Are you happy with this degrading image for Egypt – on the world scene – due to the weakness of the ruling usurpers of power? Do you accept that your homeland becomes just a humble follower of emirates or sheikhdoms with a population less than that of a Cairo neighborhood?

Do you accept subordination to the Zionist enemy and giving up Egypt’s sovereignty? Do you accept that this fascist regime continues its lies and deception with more fake projects to drain what remains of the nation’s resources without any benefit for the people? Do you accept what is happening to your sons and brothers in Sisi’s prisons of oppression, torture and death?

Do you accept what is happening to many of you in police stations – the deliberate humiliation, atrocities and violations? Do you accept to see the honorable leaders in this shape as they recently appeared, which exposed the brutal mistreatment they receive at the hands of their jailers?

Those who accepts all this have nothing to offer the Revolution; it has no need for them. Indeed, the people rose in Revolution against just such people.

Those who do not accept injustice, who do not accept to be ruled over by the corrupt junta are the free patriots we call, and in whom we see hope. They will not let down their Revolution, their martyrs, or their guiltless detainees. They will not remain silent about their tormentors and those who robbed their dreams of democracy.

Revolution until victory

Victory for the Revolution

Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance