• April 4, 2015
  • 3 minutes read

Anti-Coup Alliance Denounces Political Executions

Anti-Coup Alliance Denounces Political Executions

The non-violent anti-coup revolutionary movement in Egypt is escalating steadily as the military coup regime persists in its bloody and brutal practices against the patriotic Egyptian people, including extra-judicial killings, political executions in the guise of judicial rulings (by orders from the Generals), and arbitrary arrests of protesters. However, mistaken are those who believe these criminal practices will intimidate or impact the determination of Egypt’s heroes, the revolutionaries.

The thundering masses – from across the social and political spectrums of the Egyptian people – that turned out today in response to the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance’s call carried a message to the whole world rejecting the execution of innocent people of this homeland, vowing that the Revolution will not kneel or be cowered, that retribution will be achieved soon, and that no criminal will escape punishment.

The military junta that executed the treasonous coup d’état in Egypt, trampling democratic legitimacy and popular will in Egypt by force of arms, bears full responsibility for damaging Egypt’s national security, and especially for threatening the Sinai’s security.

The National Alliance condemns the crimes committed by the traitor Al-Sisi against the people of Sinai, and denounces the clumsy terror operations directed against unarmed and innocent citizens – crimes with which the junta aims to evacuate the Sinai in favor of the Zionist enemy, taken by the traitor Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi as a close and intimate friend.

The Alliance solemnly salutes the revolutionaries’ resilience, selfless devotion and determination to complete the journey of the January 25 Revolution despite the junta’s brutal repression.

On the World Orphan Day, the Alliance hails the martyrs’ children with this modest message: "You are the pride of the nation, the joy of this homeland, the hope of the Revolution, and Egypt’s bright future. Retribution will be achieved soon. We are as committed as ever to the worthy pledge we made to your fathers, and to the path of the Revolution. We will not accept no compromises with your rights. We will reclaim for you your full rights, so you can enjoy freedom in the sovereign democratic homeland your fathers wanted and sacrificed their lives for".

Victory for the Revolution

Down with the rule of murderers

The Anti-Coup Pro-Democracy National Alliance

Thursday – April 3, 2015