• March 17, 2014
  • 4 minutes read

Anti-coup Alliance Escalates with ‘Our Streets… Together for Deliverance’ Peaceful Protest Week

Anti-coup Alliance Escalates with ‘Our Streets… Together for Deliverance’ Peaceful Protest Week

 Statement from the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance in Egypt:

To all loyal revolutionary men and women of Egypt…

Conflict and intrigue are growing worse among the generals, the coup commanders and collaborators lusting after the presidential palace, determined to ruin Egypt and its noble army. It seems more evident than ever that the treasonous coup charter is nothing but bloodied ink on paper that was only ever meant to cover up the generals’ evil desires.

Meanwhile, the White House announced it is to unashamedly resume military aid for Al-Sisi and the rest of the traitorous agents and collaborators. Further, Israel resumed its belligerence and armed aggression, bombing Gaza and terrorizing its besieged citizens, in the absence of revolutionary, independent Egypt that acted swiftly under the legitimate President Mohamed Morsi.

The message is therefore precise and clear: your Revolution is the lifeline for Egyptians, all Egyptians, to recover dignity, eliminate subservience, dependency and poverty, to defend our faith and reform society.

The dramatic events unfolding in this country prove every day that you are on the right path, that you are the generation that will undoubtedly achieve victory, and that you are the homeland’s hope and future.

Escalate your revolutionary action from Friday, under the banner of the new revolutionary wave "Our Streets… Together for Deliverance". Mobilize and rally, lead students and youths, raise high the flags of Egypt and Rabaa signs of defiance as well as pictures of detainees and martyrs, and burn photos of the traitor, the butcher and his heinous collaborators.

It is high time for decisiveness and clarity. We must direct enthusiasm accurately through non-violent action on the ground. Do whatever is best for the Revolution in peaceful resistance and selfless devotion and ingenuity. Be prepared, with creativity, to achieve the desired progress in this revolutionary wave that has been widely accepted by revolutionaries throughout Egypt. Do not give no respite to the traitors, the agents of falsehood; put them forever under siege of anxiety and concern.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: March 13, 2014