• October 5, 2013
  • 8 minutes read

Anti-Coup Alliance Reaffirms Tahrir ‘Revolution Capital Cairo’ Million-Man March Sunday

Anti-Coup Alliance Reaffirms Tahrir ‘Revolution Capital Cairo’ Million-Man March Sunday

The large gatherings of anti-coup protesters in all public squares across Egypt disrupted the plots and calculations of the putschists, who thought their plans to plant fear in the hearts of Egyptians had succeeded through their continuous cold-blooded killing of peaceful protesters, arbitrary arrests and detentions of countless honorable Egyptians, harassment and intimidation of citizens at their places of work, in addition to dirty media practices and propaganda aiming to distort the image of free Egyptian revolutionaries.

The free people of Egypt, who made the great January 25 Revolution and bravely faced the tyranny of the bloody traitorous coup forces during the brutal clearing of Rabaa and Nahda sit-in camps, have no place in their hearts for fear.

They will not be terrorized or cowered by the military machine – the tanks, armored vehicles, cannons or machine guns trained on their bare chests by coup forces, although they seek only to peacefully express their rejection of the military coup and their support for legitimacy.

The last fig leaf for the coup organizers has fallen today with their prevention of Egypt’s free revolutionaries from reaching Tahrir and Rabaa Squares using heavily armed military forces, tanks and armored vehicles more than those in Sinai protecting Egypt’s borders foreign enemies.

History will record, and the whole world will bear witness, that the coup forces divided the Egyptian people into two peoples – one which went to Tahrir Square under the protection of the army and police, and another which faced volleys of live ammunition and cannon fire, while tanks and armored vehicles loomed ready to attack its men, women and children for merely approaching the perimeters of Tahrir Square.

The peaceful protestors who turned out Friday in huge numbers from all main mosques in Cairo and the provinces have succeeded in surrounding the putschists’ militias in all streets and public squares.

The revolutionaries were able to reach the headquarters of the Coup Ministry (formerly the ‘Defense Ministry’) in Abbassiya, Cairo. Meanwhile, coup forces prevented the revolutionaries from reaching Tahrir Square, firing live ammunition at them.

The "Rabaa Free People" movement erected a memorial to the martyrs of Rabaa in front of Tiba Mall, Cairo, after coup forces prevented them from reaching Rabaa Square.

All these incidents indicate, without a doubt, that coup organizers are confused, somewhere between panic and chaotic inefficacy, by the Egyptian Revolution expanding in all corners of the country.

A special tribute, therefore, is due to the unarmed revolutionaries who fear neither bullets nor the coup’s armored vehicles, to all free women of Egypt actively engaged in the struggle, and to the youth of Egypt who came out in peaceful protests in all streets, schools and universities.

We remind all Egypt’s revolutionaries that their perseverance and sacrifices are the hope for success of the Egyptian Revolution against repression and corruption, and for the building of the new reality, of which we have dreamed together, and for which the blood of our martyrs has flowed, for a new Egypt.

The massive marches against the military coup Friday saw a broad participation by families of the martyrs and injured, demanding justice for their relatives. They also saw a positive popular response and participation by passersby and residents, who expressed their solidarity from their home balconies and car windows.

This supports expectations of unprecedented popular participation in the "Cairo, Capital of the Revolution" million-man protest activities on Sunday, October 6, in Tahrir Square.

The violence committed by the traitorous putschists behind the façade of "honorable citizens", with attacks on non-violent marches and protests, will not cause us to deviate from our larger goal of saving Egypt from them.

The coup’s maximum force approach will only increase our determination to go forth and complete the Revolution. The Egyptian people will not be deceived by fabricated incidents every Thursday with bombs that do not explode, or the attempts to blame revolutionaries for coup supporters’ killing of each other.

Egypt’s Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance reaffirms its call to all Egyptians to continue their protests in every part of Egypt and to mass in Tahrir Square on Sunday, October 6 to celebrate that victory’s army and leaders.

Tahrir Square and the October victory belong to all Egyptians. We will not tolerate anyone preventing us from celebrating the victory and continuing our revolution in all public squares of Egypt.

We remind the officers and soldiers of Egypt’s army that the muzzles of your weapons are pointed in the wrong direction, and that the treads of your armored vehicles are still on the wrong ground.

We further remind them that history is still recording that defeat comes when the army is involved in politics. The memory of the June 1967 defeat (against Israel) has not faded yet.

Long live free Egypt

"God has full control over all affairs, but most people do not know" (Quran 12:21)

The Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: October 4, 2013