• August 7, 2013
  • 6 minutes read

Anti-Coup Alliance Response to Military-Installed Putschist Presidency Statement

Anti-Coup Alliance Response to Military-Installed Putschist Presidency Statement

The illegitimate, army-appointed presidency issued a statement to the nation which included a number of fallacies and lies in an unsuccessful attempt to beautify the ugly face of the July 3 coup d’état.

The statement referred to the end in failure of diplomatic efforts. We never asked for these efforts. We believe that the Egyptian crisis will be resolved by Egyptians. The delegation of the Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance simply explained our point of view, namely:

A) We reject the July 3 military coup and condemn the bloody massacres.

B) We are committed to legitimacy which dictates reinstatement of the elected President, the ratified Constitution and the elected Parliament.

C) We accept the initiative announced by the legitimate President and welcome any political solutions on the basis of legality and constitutional legitimacy, not on the basis of the illegitimate traitorous putsch.

D) Our movement and all our activities have been and will remain completely peaceful and we will continue our peaceful protests no matter what happens to us.

* So far, the putschists never showed any sign of respecting the real popular will which manifested itself in the ongoing million-man marches, demonstrations and sit-ins in most public squares of Egypt for a month and a half already, and which have expanded in all governorates, in spite of putschist claims that they considered demonstrations the barometer of popular will. They persist in their loathsome policy of repression, execution, intimidation, threats and sieges of mosques, even killing people inside places of worship.

* The key to solving the crisis does not lie in escalation of arbitrary arrests and false accusations, nor in attempts to negotiate with detained political leaders. The solution starts with returning to legitimacy and dialogue with the legitimate President regarding all matters and issues without pre-conditions.

* The putschists’ statements carry a repeated, albeit veiled, threat to break up the peaceful sit-ins by force. Hence, we hold the coup commanders and collaborators responsible for any new massacres and any lives that may be lost and any more blood that may be spilled by their forces.

We further reiterate the peacefulness of our revolution and that threats and killings will not discourage the Egyptian people from insisting on reinstatement of legitimacy and sovereignty, rejection of the military coup and the military state, and on refusal to involve the army in political life.

* We assure that all those involved in the spilling of peaceful protesters’ blood will not escape prosecution, in Egyptian and international criminal courts, for the massacres they commit.

The Alliance also invites both Egyptian and international human rights organizations to visit the sit-ins in all squares to see for themselves how the coup’s media henchmen have been lying in their false allegations of the presence of weapons or use of violence.

* The Alliance calls on the masses of the Egyptian people to join in the activities of Eid-Al-Fitr in all liberty squares (including Rabaa Al-Adaweya and Nahda) and all other squares to reaffirm the continuation of the Revolution and to celebrate resilience and steadfastness.

God save Egypt, its people and its army from the wicked deeds of some of its leaders.

God Bless Egypt…

Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: August 7, 2013