• August 14, 2013
  • 5 minutes read

Anti-Coup Alliance Statement: Major Massacre During Crackdown Against Rabaa and Nahda Sit-Ins

Anti-Coup Alliance Statement: Major Massacre During Crackdown Against Rabaa and Nahda Sit-Ins

The July 3 coup commanders consistently reveal more of their bloody brutality every day. Not content with the massacres and crimes against humanity they committed during the month of Ramadan and the killing of women, children and worshippers going down in prayer, today they executed even more massacres and crimes of war.

They killed the sons and daughters of this homeland until those innocent victims’ blood reached their knees, as they savagely attempted to break up Rabaa Al-Adaweya and Nahda Square peaceful protest sit-ins.

Committing these new major massacres, the putschists used the army and the police as if they were in a battle against a foreign enemy, killing more than two thousand people and wounding more than ten thousand peaceful citizens who were targeted by sniper bullets in their heads and chests without responding even with stones.

The July 3 coup commanders’ brutality reached such inhuman proportions that they burnt peaceful protesters’ tents as women and children sought shelter inside from the effect of teargas, thus causing them horrific burns and excruciatingly painful injuries.

Meanwhile, security apparatus sniper-fire targeted journalists, photographers and reporters, as well as unarmed civilians, which led to deaths of many.

Even worse, the putschists’ forces prevented ambulances from taking badly injured citizens to nearby hospitals, after the field hospital was unable to cope with this enormous number of casualties. These forces have been chasing and killing peaceful protesters for over 9 hours now.

This heinous aggression in which scheming putschists involved the army in violent confrontations with the people, killing large numbers of citizens, for the first time in Egypt’s history, represents a serious development that is causing a huge rift between the people and their armed forces.

All this is done for the benefit of a group of leaders of the bloody coup who dragged the army into politics and bias for the minority against the majority of the Egyptian people.

As a result of this aggression, ordinary Egyptians are revolting spontaneously, in many protest events and serious incidents in all governorates of Egypt, which threaten dire consequences on social at large.

This aggression prompted leading thinkers in Egypt to call for civil disobedience. The Alliance declares that its approach was and will remain a non-violent one; and it will not be drawn into the spiral of violence, in spite of the brutal and heinous attacks.

Therefore, the Alliance holds the July 3 coup commanders and collaborators fully and directly responsible for these crimes. It further demands they stop the aggression and the massacres, withdraw their helicopters and armored vehicles, and recognize the constitutional right of citizens to assembly and peaceful protest and sit-ins.

The Alliance also appeals to all human rights organizations and all free and honorable people throughout the world to condemn these crimes and seek to stop the bloodshed and loss of innocent lives.

The Alliance affirms its insistence on peaceful resistance and reiterates its call to all Egyptians to mass in non-violent vigils and protest rallies in public squares in all the provinces of Egypt, until the coup is completely defeated.

God save Egypt and its people and reward the honorable martyrs…

Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: August 14, 2013