• September 15, 2013
  • 3 minutes read

Anti-Coup Alliance Statement on Coup Falling Masks

Anti-Coup Alliance Statement on Coup Falling Masks

Day after day, more masks fall from the faces of the July 3 coup leaders. Thursday (September 12) witnessed the Suez Criminal Court acquit officers accused of killing protestors during the January Revolution. Meanwhile, another court acquits the killers of women protestors in Mansoura.

At the same time, a number of Zionist security officials are visiting Egypt to coordinate – with their Egyptian counterparts – what they call the war on terrorism in Sinai. And as the putschists commit genocide against Egyptians in Sinai, we see movements of Zionist forces at the Egyptian borders. The putschists’ forces have gone so far so low that they bombed mosques, destroyed homes, blew up cars and even killed livestock.

The era of marginalization and brutality, practiced by the deposed Mubarak regime against our people in Sinai, has returned at the hands of the coup commanders and collaborators.

The Alliance affirms that this will end, at the hands of the people of Sinai, and at the hands of all Egyptian revolutionaries, along with the uprooting of the treacherous, traitorous coup.

The security situation and economic conditions are getting worse by the day under military rule. We see the military-appointed interim president, with the approval of the coup-installed government, extends the state of emergency, which makes a bad situation even worse.

We salute and honor the steadfast detainees and the martyrs of our Revolution, who have infused us with patience and perseverance. We also salute our brothers who have gone on hunger strike to protest their mistreatment in prison. We remind them that God’s relief is near, and His victory is coming.

The blood of the martyrs and the illegitimate incarceration of the detainees are the real fuel and beating heart of our Revolution.

The Alliance also hails the honorable journalists and free correspondents who preferred to show the truth. Their reward was false accusations and imprisonment. We reaffirm that the dark night of oppression will not last – tomorrow is near.

The Alliance further affirms that the way to end the bloody coup is the continuation and perseverance of the Egyptian people to gather and demonstrate peacefully in all streets of Egypt every day, this week under the slogan "Loyalty to the Blood of the Martyrs".

God is Great, and victory is coming…

The Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance